That Eerie Feeling In Delhi – A Peek Into Its Haunting Spots

The national capital of India if filled with some really curious things. Which are often overlooked? Delhi is not just about heritage buildings, monuments and culture but also famous for some bizarre places as well. If you’re one such thrill seeker, check out the Delhi hotel list and just come down to the city for some eerie experience. For the people always on a look out for some thrill, these haunted places in Delhi is a must visit.

That Eerie Feeling In Delhi - A Peek Into Its Haunting Spots

  1. Agrasen Ki Baoli – Built by Maharaja Agrasen during the 14th century, Agrasen ki Baoli is was a natural water reserve for collecting rain water. The 103 steps that leads to the reservoir is not just an amazing place for try photography, it also famous for the unseen. Several rumoured incidents with the tourists like, a presence of someone on their backs, the feeling of being watched and nudges have been related. As the place gets deserted as night falls, many locals say that they have heard some bizarre sounds coming from the monument complex.
  2. Delhi Cantt – The Delhi cantonment area consists of several patches of forests with roads cutting through them. According to several witnesses, a lady in white saree is often seen asking for lift from the passing cars at night. There have been few incidents where the drivers have fled their cars or gone astray.
  3. Feroz Shah Kotla Fort – This historical monument might seem like any other Mughal attraction, but many might not know that Feroz Shah Kotla Fort is also an infamous spot for experiencing the presence of djinns. Every Thursday, you might notice visitors paying their homage to the djinns and the ruins. According to locals, these prayers are devoted to Laat Wale Baba, whose spirit supposedly guards the fort premises.
  4. Jamail Kamali Tomb – This famous tomb is located in the Mehrauli forest area and might appear like a normal historical monument. Supposedly, Jamali and Kamali whose tombs are there, were considered to be djinns. Visitors have experienced slaps and nudges from an invisible entity. Several self-proclaimed ghost hunters who visit Jamali Kamali to unravel the mystery, have also recorded a spooky presence like being chased by a mysterious wind.
  5. Khooni Darwaza – This monument stands witness to the brutal mass killings of hundreds of refugees during the partition riots of 1947. The name Khooni Darwaza was derived from this horrific incident and literally means ‘bloody gateway’.
  6. Lothian Cemetery – The oldest Christian burial ground in the city, this spooky place is famous for a number of unexplained paranormal activities. According to several people, they have seen a walking ghost carrying his own severed head. The story still remains a mystery but it makes this cemetery a powerful entry in the list of scariest places in Delhi.
  7. Malcha Mahal – Also known as Bistdari Mahal, is located in the central ridge forest behind the Presidential palace. Rumoured to be a secret government building like Area-51, residence of a retired brigadier and a jail from the British era, the stories are endless. Nevertheless, the moment you turn towards its narrow lane, uncountable goosebumps starts rising on your skin.

If you plan to visit these haunted places in Delhi over a weekend, plan your travel itinerary accordingly. There are number of good hotels in Delhi near railway station, bus terminals and airport for your easy stay.

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