The #1 Best Way To Get In Shape

Okay, so you know you need to lose some weight. But how do you do that? Should you join a health club? Hire a personal trainer? Buy a book on the latest diet or exercise routine? Chances are, you’ve already tried one or more of those methods. They are all potentially effective.

So, why are you still seeking a solution?

The common factors in losing weight

No matter whose advice you heed—there are two primary things you will need to do in order to get those pounds off. Here they are:

  1. Exercise enough to make a difference
  2. Eat nutritious foods and take in fewer calories.

It’s that simple. And … it is that difficult.

You see, when it comes to the hard work of making wise choices—when we are faced with a choice between exercise with a salad or sitting on our butts eating cake—the easiest route often gets the nod. After all, I can eat cake and read about weight loss. I can keep looking for the perfect plan.

How to do what you know you should do

Anyone wanting to lose weight and get in shape absolutely must pay attention to those two common factors: exercise and nutrition. And anyone can be successful at weight loss by bringing just two things to the table. Those things are:

  1. A decision
  2. A plan

How can you carry those out?

Read on.

The decision

Two frogs were sitting on a log, goes the story, and they decided to jump off. How many frogs were left on the log?

Answer: Two.

Why is that? A mental decision is not a complete decision. It must be accompanied by action. Millions of people decide to lose weight every year—especially around New Year’s Day. Most don’t follow through, though. They meant well. They may even have initially added action to the decision, but they failed.


You also need a plan.

It’s like driving from New York to Los Angeles. You decide to go, get in the car and hit the road. Unless you know which highway to take first, though, and which one to take after that—your are as likely to end up in Florida as in L.A.

You need a map. And the map is your plan.

How to make your decision stick

The perfect first action to complement your decision is a well thought-out plan. When will you exercise? What equipment will you use? What exercises will you do? What will be the balance between resistance exercise and cardio-vascular exercise?

Which foods will you allow yourself and which foods will you avoid? How many calories should you take on each day? How will you monitor or count them? What tools are available to help?

What time will you get up in the morning? What time will you get to bed? When will you eat and when will you exercise? How will you be sure to get enough water?

If these questions seem nit-picky, that is because they are. If you are serious about your goal, then you must get serious about how to attain it. We’re not talking about how to spend your vacation—we are talking about matters that can seriously affect your health.

We are the most overfed but undernourished people who ever populated the earth—and our children may be the first known generation to see the life-expectancy drop. They are following in our footsteps, eating way too much junk and getting way too little exercise. This is serious stuff.


Decide you will do what it takes. Make your health a priority. Stop making excuses.

Don’t think you have to buy a treadmill, a sold-on-TV-only gadget, or a membership at the gym. You don’t need any of that. In order to exercise, you need one thing only: your body.

Do you have a body? Good. You are on your way to success.

Decide and Do.

Walk around the block. Eat a carrot instead of a bowl of ice cream.

Decide and Do.

Just get started.


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Nothing is more valuable than health. And that is why Casey Windsong loves to study and write about how to set and reach fitness goals.

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