The 100-Acre Eco Park Plan and Its Effect On Gloucestershire

The proposed dynamic development of an eco park complete with football stadium and nature reserve, creating up to 4,000 jobs, has been hailed as a game-changer for Gloucestershire.

Ambitious plans have been drawn up for the 100-acre eco park on land near Eastington, bringing much-needed new commercial enterprises to the county.

The 100-Acre Eco Park Plan and Its Effect On Gloucestershire

The £100m eco park by Ecotricity will be a green development for the Stroud area. It has been hailed as a centre of excellence for sport and green businesses in the county while also providing a new 5,000-seater home for Forest Green Rovers. Modern sports facilities will also include training fields and pitches and a sports science centre.

The green technology business centre will consist of sustainably built offices and units for light industry use with the possibility of creating 4,000 jobs.

A nature reserve is proposed for the western side of the M5, and the Stroudwater canal will also be restored under the M5. In keeping with its green philosophy, the park will also create a hub for public transport hub that will include a Park and Ride scheme for Stroud so members of the public and workers have access to the park.

Eco Park Boost to Commercial Property Sector

The park could have a major impact on the local commercial property market while creating long-term benefits for the county.

The park could put Gloucestershire on the map for innovative and green businesses as well as bring in people interested in its sports facilities.

Eco Park Creates Benefits for All

So there could be a significant knock-on effect on the already booming property market, as the eco park attracts a new kind of business person to the county as well as bringing many more people.

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