The 3 Most Favoured Countries To Live In By Celebrities

The rich and the famous maintain stimulating and expensive lifestyles. Some well-known celebrities choose to live in their home town, some choose to live where they work and some tend to live in prominent locations that provide them luxury, convenience and privacy. Celebrities may involve people from a variety of industries’ including TV & film, sports, models, entrepreneurs and politicians. It is interesting to discover where some of these wealthy people reside permanently or during off-peak and transition periods.


If you ever search through elite athlete player profiles, you’ll find that many of them reside in Monaco and more specifically, Monte Carlo. One of the perks that makes Monaco so appealing is the tax haven. A tax free government allows these high earners to enjoy more of their wealth. This way they continue to enjoy their earnings and/or their winnings to the most extreme extent. Some of these successful athletes make millions of dollars through their respected sports and even more through endorsements earned through reputable brands. The luxurious city is located on the French Riviera off the coast of France and is commonly called home by many European tennis stars.

United States of America

When people think of the word ‘celebrity’ they often immediately refer to famous movie stars and so commonly they are American. We all have our favourite actors and actresses from notable movies and TV shows that we have grown to love over time. One of the most attractive locations for these prominent celebrities to live is Los Angeles. Here they have access to the studios in which they work and they maintain their luxurious lifestyles through their Hollywood mansions and designer shopping in Beverly Hills. Many reputable models will reside in New York City and you’ll be lucky to see some of them around Times Square. DC will boast a majority of the politicians. Some of these celebrities will venture off to their home town and real estate owned in various destinations throughout the world, however spend most of their time in the USA.


England tends to be a common country that accommodates numerous celebrities from an array of professions. London is one of the most sought after locations for celebrities and general citizens and migrants. You’ll tend to notice numerous models, politicians and athletes around London town. With a diverse industry of wealth in the UK, London has become one of the more favoured locations for celebrities. With football (soccer) being the dominant and most favoured sport in the UK and Europe, many football players tend to reside in the more exclusive and desired areas of London. This makes London a well-known city for celebrity spotting.

These 3 countries are by far the most collective and preferred for celebrities to reside. However numerous celebrities will own real estate and many of their preferred destinations globally. Many of them tend to spend much of their time where they earn their wealth, but will venture off to their holiday spots during off-peak seasons and vacations periods.

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