The 5 Best Computer Programming Apps

To achieve their full technical potential, the best programmers constantly develop their skills through effort and practice. Though it’s possible to code using simple word processors, a number of outstanding apps aid open-minded coders with mobile devices. In general, these apps are available for very modest fees, making them ideal for up-and-coming programmers with big plans.

Programmer Keyboard
Programmer Keyboard tops our apps list for its sheer versatility. This app gives mobile users full-fledged virtual keyboards that are ideal for various programming tasks. With functionality for jobs far beyond programming, this app frees users from the many limitations of mobile QWERTY setups. With CTRL, ALT and arrow keys, this virtual keyboard is apt for users of all major programming languages. With this title, Sky Software has truly set the bar for functional technical apps. Powerful keyboards are essential necessities for individuals who hope to produce quality code in a timely fashion.

Ranking at second place on this list, the HC-16C virtual calculator delivers outstanding tools for mobile programming. This app deserves high placement for its many diverse uses. A pitch-perfect emulation of a classic calculator, this program from Jochen Hammer provides useful capabilities for commercial and educational use. With clear, user-friendly functions and visually pleasing graphics, the HC-16C app wins its high ranking by offering strong appeal for various programmers, students and technicians. Interestingly, this app displays numbers in binary, decimal and hexadecimal formats. In addition, the app includes support for integers and floating point mathematics.

Whether using mobile devices or standard computers, programmers use text editing extensively. For powerfully optimizing basic text editing functions, DroidEdit certainly deserves third place on this list. Offering capabilities far beyond barebones text editors, DroidEdit automatically highlights syntax for subtle code manipulation. Though particularly well-suited for Ruby, Java and the C family, DroidEdit is ideal for all major programming languages. Advanced text editing functions make DroidEdit especially useful for Web programmers with CSS and SQL experience. This app also features infinite undo and redo, a surprisingly rare feature in text editors and word processors.

C Programming Quiz
At fourth place on this list, C Programming Quiz deserves accolades for its educational capabilities. All beginning coders can learn much from studying the C programming language. C and its derivatives are probably the most widely used modern programming languages. Though less versatile than binary code, C is useful for programming a wide variety of computers and devices. Designed by app developer Golden Spangles, C Programming Quiz is a fully functional tool for mastering basic coding concepts. With a simple, easy-to-use interface, this app provides users with streamlined, instantaneous programming education.

Hacker’s Keyboard
Developed by celebrated app creator Klaus Weidner, Hacker’s Keyboard is another great keyboard app that works particularly well for digital tablet users. While we previusly highlighted Programmer Keyboard as a well-balanced program for general mobile coders, Hacker’s Keyboard is specifically designed to take advantage of powerful modern tablets. Furthermore, this app features a classic design that will surely appeal to individuals who learned to code in past decades. It’s worth noting that in programmer circles, hacking does not refer to illicit behavior. In fact, hackers are stalwart programmers who have done much to promote law and order.

These apps are the cream of the crop when it comes to mobile coding. However, developers constantly release mobile apps that simplify and streamline basic programming functions. To make the most of their time and efforts, programmers should constantly research useful apps and traditional applications.

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