The 5 Worst Things Teachers Have To Endure

Teaching can be both rewarding and challenging. It offers incentive to contribute to a learning community as well as endure an adventure in the various phases of life that students go through that directly impact the faculty. With the sweets, there are sometimes the sour. As a result, there are a few things that teachers have to cope with in today’s environment.
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Difficult and Demanding Parents
The direct involvement of parents can be a blessing in terms of using many hands to accomplish tasks in the classroom. However, this can often translate into boundaries being pushed by parents in the classroom. Without thorough documentation, teachers can face an amazing amount of scrutiny, even if the teacher is correctly in the right. Some educators may face difficulty in parental participation in Title I schools. In more wealthy school districts, the concern may be demands that the teacher is not doing enough and parents may begin to dictate how lesson planning will occur, causing a source of frustration. Regardless, there are many types of parents the teacher will have to face over time.

Lack of Oversight in Special Classroom Adaptations
As more demands are placed on achievement and matching special needs, the teacher may have little oversight into how specific procedures should take place. Often, there is a clash between administration, parents, paraprofessionals, and therapists on what the best course of action is to follow individual instruction plans. The testing methods may be outdated, but the teacher still has to perform to those standards to keep data up.

Changing Academic Standards
Along with additional oversight issues, academic standards often dictate the type of curriculum in both public and private schools. These changing standards may make it difficult for the teacher to handle instruction as creative as possible. Changing standards may also require additional work hours and meetings that take away from time to grade papers, create lesson plans, or setup conferences with parents or students.

Radical changes in standards may also severely change the reading curriculum of many teachers who have children on multiple reading scales. This range of scale will cause some students to be reading at a reading level 2-3 grades below, while others need enrichment due to their higher reading level. Bridging this gap in a group setting can prove to be difficult.

Classroom Discipline Difficulties
One of the most difficult tasks of a teacher is handling classroom management. An unruly classroom is difficult to create an environment of learning for students. This may require teachers to increase hours in developing and crafting management plans that may clash with administration in terms of what principals or other administrators see as more effective. Classroom discipline is a touchy area for educators and over time it may be quite radical from one teacher to the next. The result is being “alone” by trial and error based on solid research. As a teacher, classroom management becomes even more difficult with cyber bullying, attention span issues, and maintaining expectations for students. As a result, this is often one of the more lonely aspects of the job. Cyber bullying is one of the most difficult tasks to undertake as a teacher since it is an underground bullying that is not easily detected at first.

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