The 6 Best Fashion Trends For Summer 2016

It may still freezing outside that does not mean we can already look forward to the upcoming fashion season. Since you can not start early enough on a new wardrobe. I picked up sticking the six cutest trends!

The 6 Best Fashion Trends For Summer 2016

To be honest, I’m still far from my head into the summer. Give me those oversized sweaters and woolly scarves but. For calibre summer dresses and airy blouses it is much too early. Still, it may be worth think now fixed the summer trends you are going to incorporate into your wardrobe. Who knows you shop one or more of these essentials fact already be in the sale now everywhere still hanging in the stores.

Everything Is Leather

The leather skirt and pants are long no longer strangers in the fashion world and the leather jacket is a frequent item spotted in many wardrobe. However, this summer we throw it even further: everything is leather. And I mean everything. There were models from head to toe – yes, even in leather socks – the catwalk. Wear those leather pants so comfortable leather peplum top with light or choose a blouse with leather details. Also totally hip: suede the color cognac. An upscale option for those who are not that of the tough black.

Well Spotted

He’s back! The polka dot was again sent to the catwalk by a lot of designers. Culminating in the trend, dotted trousers combined with a striped blouse. Somewhat too intense? For me though, so you’ll spot me especially – you know him? – In a polka dot blouse. What do you think of sunglasses, scarf or shoes with polka dots? Lot of fun to!

Head to Toe

Yourself from head to toe in the same color or fabric wrap is not only permissible with leather, sometimes the colors black and white are totally hip. These are colors that never really disappear from the fashion, especially this time is therefore primarily the fact that there is no sign of a different color in the outfit is. You wearing just black or just white and nothing else. On a fine red lipstick after maybe because a little color is always permissible on your lips.

Sporty Apparels

Well, this trend of course we know from 2014 and is actually not new. But that does not mean I am less happy because hello comfy sneakers! You can just keep wearing so. In conjunction with a sports jacket – bomber jacket, anyone? – Or a nice sweater. Also nice in this trend, the upscale clothing in sporty fabrics. Calibre women dresses is scuba fabric for example, very hip and comfortable.

Rock ‘N Roller

Heavy eyeliner, torn pants and loose plaid blouses. Does this sound to you like music to your ears? Then you got lucky, because the rock ‘n roll style is all the rage this summer. Combine your grunge outfit with a fine leather jacket – two trends in one, great! – And wear some rock and roll accessories at. Think for example of platform shoes and a good hat.

Wear Denim

Those who think of denim at the matching outfit Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake I like to help out the dream – or nightmare – because it can be different. Namely the catwalks were filled with denim from head to toe. Again, indeed. Denim jackets and -blouses but also flared jeans (those with flared legs) and even nail skirts are totally hip. Only when the latter, incidentally, however, that you do not go as a twelve year old girl on the street and try a copy tight over the knee. A denim pencil skirt will become the fashion item this summer.

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