The 7 Principles Of Good Website Design

When we talk about good website design, what are we talking about exactly? This guide will help you get to grips with the main principles of successful website design.

The 7 Principles Of Good Website Design


When a graphic designer looks at an overall aesthetic for a web page, he or she will be considering the overall visual balance. Visual elements, typography and spacing need to create a sense of order, logic and interest and encourage the user to take certain customer journeys that fulfil the site’s objectives.


The bad old days of seeing Comic Sans and other fun fonts on commercial websites are thankfully long gone. Today the focus is on readability and accessibility, and most sites will use sans serif fonts such as Arial which are very simple and easy to read. Typography can be more exotic where designed headers are used and support branding typographic sources – but with careful and limited use.

White Space

This is key to retaining balance and order on the page. White space also makes a coloured design look more vibrant.


Professional designers delivering website design in Bristol will always be seeking to deliver a connection to the customer. Agencies such as aardvark creative webdesigners in Bristol have experienced designers that know what works for customers engaging in the digital space and what will keep them coming back for more.

Grid Layout

A grid layout makes the site easy to use and to navigate. Most modern templates are based on grids that facilitate easy design. These grids tend to reference phi, which describes how proportions in mathematics tend to also work with visual layout.


Colour choice is vital for good web design, and typically this palette will be fixed and support the overall brand guidelines. Choose a limited number of complementary colours and always consider readability – white backgrounds will always offer the most natural reading experience.


Stock images should be avoided wherever possible. Instead, choose ‘live’ imagery of real people. A photographer can do a live shoot with customers or staff for a minimal outlay, as long as you can organise subjects and brief them well on the day.

If you are unsure about doing this, it is worth buying in art direction services as well. Alternatively, commission illustrations for your site rather than relying on live photography.

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