The Accountability Of Social Networking For Fitness

If you’re trying to lose weight or get fit, then one of the main reasons that you might be thinking about doing this is because of the fact that you think it will make you look better and more attractive. Although there are obvious health benefits associated by getting fitter, this is not the main reason that the majority of individuals choose to make changes.

Make Your Workouts Public
One of the things that is great about using social networking websites to make your journey public is the fact that you will get so much encouragement from other people. Although your family and friends would be able to support you away from the internet as well, they would be able to do so more regularly on the internet, because the information about the things that you have been doing are much more easy to access.

This leads to many people making a lot of information public that they never would have done in the past. Facebook can become a reminder of all of the other people who are trying to get fit, and this can lead to you feeling the need to compete with them, even though it is something that you wouldn’t have done before social networking.

Share Your Workouts, Kit and Progress
One of the things that might help is if you inform your social networking friends when you are weighing in or exercising. Providing that you choose to give truthful information when you do this, is will give you more motivation to succeed because of the fact that you would not want to have to report an unsuccessful weigh in.

Social networking allows you to record many aspect of your run such as the type of running shoes that you wear, your speed, distance, calories and even your mood whilst you run. The shear amount of information that you can share is astounding and there are even running specific groups for individual kit makes and brands. For example, there is a group on Facebook for users of the Asics Noosa Tri 8 running shoe.

Get the Support You Need
As human beings, one of the major things that motivates us to achieve is social approval. If we lose weight or become muscular, we gain this approval from our friends, and this is one of the reasons that social networking is becoming one of the most powerful tools available to us. If we only have ourselves to answer to, this isn’t always enough motivation to make us want to go to the gym, however if there are a number of people on the internet who are constantly asking us how we are getting on, and what exercise we have been doing, this gives us added encouragement to do the exercise.

If you struggle to stick to your goals, then you might find that making your journey public on a social networking website would help you to do what you wish to, and therefore help you to change your life in a positive way.

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