The Advantages Hosted VoIP Can Offer Small Businesses

A small business can gain numerous benefits from employing VoIP telephony. A good hosted VoIP service can offer cost savings and provide advanced features that any business would find useful. In addition to a feature packed telephone system, free internal calls can also save you lots of money, especially if your business has several branches. Even calls between different offices are classed as internal and therefore free with VoIP.

The system uses a web-based portal that can be accessed from any location in the world. Conference calling costs are exceptionally affordable in comparison to traditional fees, and smart phone applications allow you to contact your mobile workers, and divert calls to them free of charge, as though they were simply another internal extension.

Voice mail to email functionality can forward voice mail messages to your laptops inbox or mobile phone as mp3 attachments, making sure you get every message without having to continually check your answering machine for messages.

Call centres also benefit from advanced and tailored functionality, supervisors can monitor calls at the click of their mouse button to ensure first rate customer care is constantly maintained. Barge in functionality allows them to enter the call on a three way basis at will, if the customer requires further assistance or they wish to intervene.

Why Hosted?
Like most technologies, VOIP servers require maintenance. Additionally, a good voice over IP private branch exchange would cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, even before you start spending money on adding call feature software to provide additional functionality on your system. By using a hosted service you avoid the costs associated with both maintenance and purchase. Set up costs can often be as little as buying a VoIP compatible phone. Installation is also relatively straight forward, more often than not, your existing network infra-structure can be used.

Carrier Grade Platforms
Which ever VoIP provider you choose, make sure that they operate a carrier grade fully redundant system. This will ensure that the call quality you experience is first rate, and that the uptime of your VoIP server is not compromised by flaws in its configuration.

Inclarity were the first company in the UK to offer a hosted VoIP service, they are also in my opinion the best provider, both in terms of reliability (99.999% uptime), and call clarity. They also provide a range of advanced call features that many other providers would struggle to equal.

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Article written by Nick Davison.

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