The Advantages Of Personalised Gifts

Personalized gifts are special on many levels. What better way to say, “I thought especially of you with this gift”? A personalized gift can be personal either from engraving, from service, or from crafting.

Engraving and Embroidery
The old “HIS” and “HERS” towels are the typical cliché for impersonal personalized gifts. However, having an item engraved or embroidered is truly one of the best ways to make it a treasured item. A silver-plated jewelry box with her name on it, or a silver clutch with “first tooth” for the baby gift, can make the recipient feel special and loved.

You can also find people who do professional embroidery. Buy your favorite golfer a few golf shirts, and have them embroidered. Or, have his or her name put on the sports jersey he’s been wanting for months. In fact, it is often recommended that expensive items of clothing should be embroidered so that it can be traced in case of theft. These items are hard to pawn, and thieves are reluctant to try.

Monogramming jewelry is another good idea. Not only does it personalize the item, but it makes it less attractive to thieves. If caught with a stolen engraved, monogrammed, or embroidered item, a thief can’t lie as easily.

This can even come in handy for weddings and showers. My husband had tire pressure monitors monogrammed for his groomsmen, and 27 years later, one of them was talking about how he still uses his.

Are you an artist? Or, maybe you’re a musician. Consider these services as a personalized gift for your friend. That new nursery for a friend will look great with a personalized mural or work of art. Paint a portrait of your friend’s graduating senior, or volunteer to add your decorating expertise to the pre-teen’s bedroom. This is the kind of special meaning that no one can buy.

A musician can provide music for special occasions – and not just weddings. A musician can put together a mix of music for the new baby, or provide flute lessons for the pre-teen’s birthday present.

If you are really generous – and I mean really – you may clean a sick friend’s house before family members come to town for a holiday. All of these are personal forms of gifts that last in your friend’s heart forever.

Crafts And Skills
Christening outfits, or coming-home onesies, are treasured as heirlooms, so if you can sew, consider this sort of item. Someone who can sew can volunteer to make curtains for a housewarming gift, or recover a treasured, heirloom piece of furniture.

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