The Air In Our Homes Could Be Dangerously Polluted

An article in Natural News claims that shockingly, the amount of pollutants in the air in our homes and offices is at least twice as higher than that in the air outside.  Given that the majority of people tend to spend about 90% of their time inside, this could be a serious health concern for many.  The problem arises from the dirt and bacteria we bring inside our homes with our shoes and via our pet’s paws, as well as the majority of home cleaning products which we use without knowing about the harmful and potentially dangerous pollutant fumes and residue they leave behind.  This is one of the top reasons why you should begin researching the options for professional carpet cleaning in London, or the area you live in right away.

The reason is that most of these dangerous pollutants reside deep in our carpets and rugs.  The bacteria accumulated there as well as all the dirt, faecal matter, mites, and all other harmful stuff which builds up in the base of our carpets can be successfully removed only by professional deep cleaning and drying.

Sweeping and hoovering can actually cause the spread of this dirt in the air and cause breathing problems, irritation, as well as in the long run much more serious problems among children and people susceptible to infections.  In fact, some of the chemical residue and the harmful heavy metals which can be found in an average carpet can cause cancer and other very serious health problems.

So, besides regular deep professional cleaning what can we do to stay safe and healthy at home or in the office?

Well, obviously when possible avoid entering your home with shoes, or treat the shoes with detergent before entering.  Also, wash your pets’ paws before letting it in the house.

Since cooking can also cause the release of harmful substances, make sure you have a powerful kitchen exhaust hood and sufficient ventilation to absorb most of the fumes and grease during cooking.

Also, try to stay away from proven harmful household cleaning solutions, detergents, aerosol freshening sprays and try using all-natural and organic solutions, such as white vinegar, baking soda and other harmless products to clean up stains and dirt in your home.

To improve air quality make sure you get one of the newer models of hoovers with HEPA filters, which can resolve part of the problem with the bad air quality at home.

The best solution of course remains planning regular annual deep cleaning from a respected carpet cleaning company.

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