The All In One Body Suit For Babies

One of the most useful pieces of clothing for new born children is the one piece body suit or the Onesie as it is also known. This outfit is an all in one top and legs that provides a child with a number of practical benefits. It also makes the first few months a lot easier for adults who have to deal with the little ones limitations.

The body suit is a very warm item that provides that essential warmth within that first few months. Olive & Moss body suits come with other additions such as snaps between the legs to help children’s skin being damaged. This is again very important during the earlier period as children’s skin is very mild.

Body suits come in all shapes and sizes and there are even adult onesies if you haven’t noticed. Olive and Moss stock a wide range of these items in a range of colours and designs. Basic solid colours are the most common, though it is also possible to get these items with images, in a range of great textures and materials and even with phrases on them to raise a giggle. However, these should be secondary to the warmth and the comfort the onesie provides, as the child’s comfort is the most important factor.

There are a number of things you should look for from your Olive and Moss onesie or body suit for your little one.

Shoulder Snaps

For small children, having items pulled back and over their head can be quite distressing and this is why the shoulder snap is very important. Shoulder snaps allow the child to take off the body suit without the need for the item to be pulled over the face. This means less disturbance and it is something that is very important in bodysuits and onesies, though most come with it as standard.

Seat Snaps

These are positioned around the groin or the crotch area and are there to facilitate the changing of nappies. They are also there to prevent the bodysuit pushing upwards and leaving the child’s skin out in the open, which can cause all sorts of issues.


This is the final and also a very important factor. Olive & Moss stocks items in a range of great materials including 100 per cent cotton as well as organic and bamboo options. There is a preference towards purchasing man made materials. This is because organic clothing and bamboo aren’t treated with the pesticides that traditional cotton is.

Organic cotton and bamboo are soft and aren’t treated with any items that may damage or irritate the child’s skin. Cotton is one of the most chemically exposed plants in the world and so is often treated with a concoction of chemicals to keep it strong and healthy. This is not ideal for use with children’s clothing and can result in allergic reactions among other issues.

Follow this guide and you can be sure not to make a mistake when purchasing a onesie.

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