The Basics You Need To Know About The Car Hire Process

The sheer volume of car hire providers out there can make completing the car hire process confusing, complicated and altogether laborious. With each provider specifying something slightly different in the fine print too, it definitely helps to understand the basics to avoid getting ripped off and ensure that you land the best deal. Below are outlined the various stages of the sign up process, along with some of the useful and more common terms and conditions that surround them.

Where do I get my quote?
Being that we’re most certainly residing in a digital age the best and most common route through which to obtain a quote is online. It is possible however to use the older and now far less common route of the telephone too! The online version of this process though – as the more preferable option – is now so streamlined that you can find out everything you need to know and sort through all the relevant filters that apply to your situation when booking via this method.

What do I need to know prior to making a booking?
In addition to your licence details, dates of travel and car size and suitability requirements it’s vital to know the exact pick up and drop off destinations you will be requiring prior to making your booking. It’s a common mistake to presume a city is small enough that you can simply choose any option for your pick up and drop off point; making this error can cause significant and avoidable travel mayhem.

What does the price commonly include?
Well aside from the car itself (!) for most providers the initial quoted price will cover you for mileage, any airport surcharges if applicable and any taxes local to the area. However what exactly is included in the cost cannot only vary from provider to provider, but from the suppliers that supply to those providers! For this reason it’s imperative to always check…

How long do I need to have held my drivers licence for?
This again, can vary depending on where you are looking to visit and the provider you ultimately choose to use however usually drivers must produce a full drivers licence that has been held for at least one year. Some countries may have more stringent rules than this though so check not only your provider’s rules but those of the country you are visiting too.

Am I allowed to hire a car if I have a previous conviction?
Most companies do tend to allow one endorsement although drink driving is looked upon less favourably than most. It’s important to contact your provider with details of your endorsements prior to travelling to avoid being prevented from driving the car and consequently claiming a refund by negating to give the car hire company this information.

What is the process after I’ve booked?
There will be some sort of amount payable upfront whether this is a deposit or the entire cost of the rental. You will then incur the cost of any additional extras that you decide to purchase such as a baby seat or GPS navigation, your insurance costs (if these are not already covered) and fuel costs. Should you have an accident there will be the excess to pay as well; be prepared therefore to part with some money upon making the booking initially and some money again when you pick the vehicle up either in fuel costs, insurance or optional extras.

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