The Beehive Of The NFL

Beehives are some of the most hardest working and focused societies in the word. In the pest world, beehives are only rivaled by ant colonies in their level of diligence and dedication. There is lots to be learned through careful observation of most hives.

In the NFL, the New England Patriots respresent the beehive of the league for many reasons. Few franchises have enjoyed the continued success like the Patriots have in recent years, and there are some clearcut reasons to illustrate how they have achieved such a status.

1. From The Top Down. We all know leadership starts at the top of the chain. If there is no one responsible driving the train, it usually derails down the track. Beehives are driven by their queen bees. Anything but royalty, queen bees make final decisions such as when and where to move the hive. Queen bees are, for lack of a better term, slaves to the masses. They work alongside their constituents. Who is the (king) bee of the Patriots? I’ll give you a hint: It’s NOT head coach Bill Belichick. Give up? It’s Robert Kraft. As in, Kraft Foods. Sound familiar? The owner of the franchise, Robert Kraft, is one of the most revered and respected owners in all of sports. He runs a tight ship, expecting accountability from his desk all the way down to the bottom. In case you didn’t know, Kraft also owns New England’s MLS team, the Revolution, and they too are one of the most storied and successful clubs in their league. Teams win because they have great leaders, not great players.

2. Everybody works. Beehives are a busy bunch. They work at back-breaking pace to achieve their goals. Everybody has a role. There are workers and there are scouts. In the case of a honey hive, works stay home to produce the goods. Scouts fly around looking for suitable pollen supplies. In the NFL, there is the team behind the team. We all tune in to games to see Tom Brady complete passes to Rob Gronkkowski or Wes Welker. The other team is over on the sidelines in slacks and polo shirts or back in the office in front of a computer. Great teams have great trainers, coaches, therapsists, video crews, executive teams, communications departments, sales teams, etc. Everybody has a role, and everybody works.

3. Don’t bother the hive. The last thing you want to do to a beehive is bother it. Bees are highly territorial and protective of their own and will go to extreme lengths to protect the company. The reality about angry bees is that they can attack, whereas ant farms can only defend. The Patriots’ best form of defense is their attack. Other teams and coaches have made the mistake of pestering the hive, and they’ve paid the price. Coach Belichick has a record of running up scores to prove a point. Tom Brady is known to specifically target opposing players in their offensive attack. If you’ve messed in any way with the Patriots, then you’ve meesed with the wrong team.

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