The Benefits Of An All-Inclusive Holiday

With the economy in recession our spending habits are under closer scrutiny than ever, for example in 2011 the average family took two holidays a year, but in 2012 most families have taken just one, placing priority on both value for money and trying to cut back on spending money whilst abroad.

With this in mind it’s no surprise that all-inclusive holidays are on the rise, in fact there’s been a reported 50% increase in all inclusive bookings in the last few years, but what benefits does an
all-inclusive holiday offer?

We’ve taken a look at some of the key reasons for taking an all-inclusive holiday to highlight exactly why this type of trip is cementing itself in the travel plans of the British public.

You won’t incur a huge credit card bill
We’ve all spent too much on holiday at some stage, be it on expensive meals, that extra bottle of wine in the hotel bar or on beachside activities… on holiday money goes to the back of your mind, that is until you return home to a large credit card bill.

However on an all-inclusive holiday there’s no such problem, with meals, drinks and activities all included your only expenses are excursions or souvenirs. What’s more, food & drink in most
all-inclusive resorts is of a higher standard than in establishments found outside of the property and, as the activities are run by the hotel, you can be assured of the safety standards.

Food and Drink is of a higher quality than in the local town
We touched on this in our previous point and it’s something we’ve all experienced, you take a trip out of your resort to sample the local restaurants only to return to the hotel disappointed.

The fact is the quality of food in an all-inclusive is resort is normally higher than in local restaurants simply because the hoteliers can afford to employ higher quality personnel to prepare the food. Now, the argument to this will be “you’re not sampling the local food” but you are, it will still be cooked by a local chef and you will find hotels can source higher quality local ingredients, thus ensuring you a far more realistic taste of local cuisine.

You know exactly what you’re getting
We’ve all heard horror stories of holidaymakers staying in a self-catering property to save money only to find themselves in the middle of nowhere with not so much as a convenience shop within miles… this situation made only worse if you’re travelling with children.

With an all-inclusive holiday this will never be the case, you know for sure you are going to be well catered for and don’t have to worry about constant trips to the shops to purchase dinner.

Furthermore there’s no need to worry about the children as activities are included, so you can be sure the kids will be entertained for hours on end.

 Best Value All-Inclusive Resort
Our tip for the best value all-inclusive holiday resort has to go to Blue Waters in Antigua.

Not only are you afforded luxury accommodation, an opulent beach setting, activities including water sports and tennis and a choice of three restaurants and four bars but you’ll also enjoy extras rarely offered by an all-inclusive resort, including…

  • Sparkling wine available with dinner
  • Premium branded bar drinks
  • Fully stocked mini bar in your room
  • Live Music & entertainment

With year round temperatures ranging between 73-87 degrees Fahrenheit, white sand beaches and an abundance of activities available Blue Waters Antigua is our choice for an all-inclusive holiday, whether travelling as a couple of with children.

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To experience an all-inclusive holiday for yourself visit Blue Waters All Inclusive Resort.

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