The Benefits Of Central Heating Zone Control

Many different types of central heating systems are installed in homes across the country, which all have one aim – to provide heat to warm the home during the colder times of the year. Most of these central heating systems use heated water to provide the warmth through the home using radiators and convection to ensure each room is heated adequately. And to heat the water these systems need to operate most use some sort of boiler.

If you have a smaller home it’s commonly the case that a combination boiler will be adequate for your central heating and hot water needs. The ‘combi’ boiler heats water on demand using a burner and heat exchanger which warms the water flowing through it. However, if you have a larger home you might need to use a lot of hot water or might want a power shower, so will need some way of storing the heated water for use later. In this scenario a hot water storage tank will come in extremely useful.

In larger homes still, you might also find it useful to have a zoned heating system so separate parts of the home can be heated at any one time using individual thermostats to control the heat. This is especially useful if you have a number of floors or have separate accommodation in different wings of the same building,

Zoned central heating enables you to control the heat in separate areas of the home using different sets of heating controls. The benefit of this is to save energy by getting better control of the heating throughout the house.

In larger homes the heating upstairs may not need to be activated until just before retiring to bed whilst the downstairs may only need to be activated in the morning. Zone control lets you do this and more. Valves fitted to the pipework change over when a certain zone is activated by a thermostat or/and timer to allow the pumped hot water through different sections of the central heating system providing heart where needed.

There is extra pipework needed when the central heating system is installed and the extra controls such as thermostat and timer may mean that the initial cost of the installation will be fractionally more than a standard installation, but the control you’ll have over the system will mean that the initial outlay can soon be recouped.

Zone controlled central heating systems can be installed on both combi boiler and conventional ‘system’ boiler systems and can be a great way to save energy and take complete control of your central heating system.

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