The Benefits Of Clean Water

Hard water – the kind found in most Americans’ homes – can leave you feeling less than satisfied. The minerals deposited through the faucets of your home affect your skin, clothes, drains, pipes and drinking water. The last chore that you want to do on a Saturday is scrub the buildup off of your showerhead. Even more, you don’t want to spend loads of money on new clothes after the old ones have faded in the washing machine. So is purchasing a water filtration system worth it? Here are the benefits to turning your home into a hard-water-free environment.

  • Filtered water saves money: Not only will you save money on new clothes, cleaning products and lotions for dry skin, but you will also save money on water itself. It is drinkable and tastes good, cutting down on your yearly water bottle spending. Hard water is also damaging to pipes and appliances. Switching over will save you the money it costs to fix these problems.
  • Extended appliance life: Chlorine, iron and calcium do not sit well with home appliances. A North Dakota University study showed that filtered water extends the life of washing machines, dishwashers and water heaters. Not only does it save money, but extending the life of your appliances is good for the environment, too.
  • Faster water heating: The more pure the water is, the faster it warms up. That means less on your gas bill. Also, less time is spent standing around your bathroom sticking your hand in and out of the shower until it warms up.
  • Easy cleaning: A filtration system eliminates film. With hard water, sinks are filled with residue, which is hard to scrub off. Over time, hard water creates spots on clothing. The more the system eliminates grime, the less time you have to worry about it.
  • Drinkable water: Water tastes better when it’s filtered. The cleaner the water, the less you have to spend on buying it from the grocery store.

Having a water filter in your home is a good idea for peace of mind. Websites like provide long-lasting filters with minimal filter changes. People assert that these systems have changed the way they look at bathing, drinking and cleaning. The water is safe and pure. It uses no salt, chemicals or other damaging agents to safely clean the water in your home.

Having clean water spares the hassle of future inconveniences. Your clothes are bright, your skin and hair are healthy, your appliances are clean and your sink is spot free. All of these aspects to owning a filtration system provide benefits. Why live with hard water, when clean water creates a gateway to a clean and healthy home? Your faucets, skin and clothes will thank you.

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