The Benefits Of Dedicated Servers For Businesses

Getting the right type of server solution for your business is important because companies in all sectors are becoming increasingly reliant on hosted services in order to operate efficiently and foster growth.

You may have already considered investing in a dedicated server set-up, but unless you have all the information it may not be clear why adopting this type of platform is so beneficial. To address this, here is quick look at the main advantages of dedicated servers for businesses.

The most affordable third-party hosting solutions require that you share server hardware with other clients of the provider. The number of different clients who can access one server might be in the tens or hundreds. This may be a cheap and cheerful approach, but as the needs of your business grow you might find it a little restrictive.

This is because you will either find that your own services are being compromised by the strain put on the server by others, or you could end up stepping on everyone else’s toes with your own activities. Shared hosting is fine for a time, but many businesses will quickly outgrow it.

If you opt for a dedicated server, you would be the only client on the server. That means all the processing power and bandwidth available on your server will be available to your business and your business alone. Using a dedicated server is thus appropriate if you want to host data and processor-intensive websites and apps.

Security & Admin
Going back to the shared hosting environment that is also available, you might rightly feel concern about who else has access to the hardware that runs your business-critical apps and stores your private data.

By choosing a dedicated server, you will be in a better position to hold down the fort, monitor usage and generally ensure that there is as little security risk as possible.

For general administration and management, dedicated servers are also a better option. While the hardware may belong to the provider, you will be granted access to the tools that allow you to remotely control how your server operates, as well as how it is being used.

You can install programs, perform software updates and alter configurations to suit the minute-to-minute requirements of your business. This also means that you will know the precise state of the resources that are available to you, rather than having to guess.

Dedicated servers are available on packages that typically cost more than shared solutions, which is understandable given the additional benefits you receive.

Your money will also go towards delivering a more comprehensive level of support from the provider, which may be responsible for certain aspects of the service. This includes maintenance of the server hardware and the sustainment of the network infrastructure that allows you to use your server from a remote location.

Customers of a dedicated hosting package can expect better customer support on a more immediate and responsive basis, which is why so many businesses take this route when upgrading their IT systems.

Resilience & Reliability
All these benefits result in dedicated servers delivering an enterprise-grade hosting experience that is more durable and robust than the alternatives. Uptime is guaranteed by most providers and so minimal disruption can be expected and indeed demanded.

Meanwhile, unfettered access to dedicated hardware and bandwidth means that your site and services will be generally more reliable, thus providing your own clients and customers with a better experience.

In the long term, dedicated hosting provides you with the opportunity to expand further and not be constrained by the restrictions of other server packages available at the moment.

This article is published in association with Daisy – a leading UK provider of dedicated servers for businesses.

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