The Benefits Of Hiring An Electrician For Renovations

There are many home improvements the average homeowner can handle, but electrical work isn’t on that list. While you can easily handle painting walls and may even install your own hardwood floors, electricity is more complex and dangerous. Before you decide to tackle the electrical renovations yourself, here are a few of the reasons it’s better to trust the work to an electrician.

Avoid Fire Hazards
Crossed wires and overloaded circuits are a fire hazard. Professional licensed electricians spend years learning how to run wires safely to avoid fires. Protect your family and your home by hiring the professionals and avoiding potential fire hazards.

Built to Code for Property Value
Building codes vary from one city to another, and new technology causes the code to change as improvements are made. What was acceptable in homes 30 years ago is not considered code in modern cities. It’s important to make sure your electrical system meets code for safety and to preserve property value. Professionals are familiar with the code and will install new lines and systems accordingly. You won’t have to worry about problems when you go to sell the house later if everything is built to code and properly inspected.

Personal Safety
Electricity can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. The Electrical Safety Foundation International reports that there are more than 30,000 non-fatal accidents every year from electrical shocks. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration records more than 350 electrical-related fatalities every year among workers. This underscores the need to follow safety protocol when working with electricity. When you invest in professional services, you will keep yourself and your family safe.

The Trauma of Incorrect Work
Renovations can reveal larger problems. You start out wanting a new ceiling fan and discover that the previous owner didn’t wire the line properly. In addition to installing the new fan, the wiring must also be corrected. Even just upgrading an outlet to a GFCI can cause problems if there are large appliances on the same line. It could take you hours or days to find the problem, and you may not ever pinpoint the exact issue. When you hire the professionals, you can count on the work being done right the first time.

Planning for the Future
Licensed professionals know what technology is available now and they are aware of emerging trends. In addition to providing you with necessary work, they can also make suggestions to help meet your future needs. While you might just want a simple outlet added to the pool, the professionals may have a suggestion for in-line timers to help control the cost of running the filter.

Whether you are planning a major renovation or something minor, call in the services of a licensed electrician. They will provide you with quality work that meets or exceeds building codes. Offering you suggestions to help the renovation meet your future needs, they will help you save money down the road. Most importantly, they will keep you and your family safe during the renovations and after the work is done.

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