The Benefits Of Radiant Heat Installation

Radiant heating is becoming one of the most popular and economical home heating systems available today. The system uses tubes, pipes, wires or panels placed underneath of the floor in each room. These elements are heated with electricity, water or air. The result is the gentle radiation of heat from the floor to the objects in the room. Radiant heating has several distinct advantages over other heating systems.

Radiant heating is a very efficient way to warm the home. The heat that rises up through the floor transfers directly to the objects in the room. Traditional systems that use ducts and fans to circulate hot air experience a large amount of heat loss. These forced air systems lose heat because of gaps in the ducts and natural dissipation. This causes the heating system to work longer to heat the space. There is very little to no loss with a radiant heating system. The increase in efficiency means that rooms will stay warm for a longer time. It also means lower energy bills each month.

Air Quality
Forced air systems circulate air throughout the home. Small particles of dust, dirt and debris can be carried from one room to the next through intakes. A forced air system could cause respiratory problems and skin irritation without regular maintenance and cleanings. Radiant heat does not move the air in a room. The energy transfer that generates warmth requires no moving parts in the living areas of the home. This keeps allergens and dust from dispersing into the air. The lack of ductwork also allows more innovative home designs when the system is installed during new construction.

Radiant heat installation is very flexible. A number of different options are available from wet installations in new homes to dry installations in existing houses. All types of floors can be accommodated. Homes that are in very cold areas could have an installation that includes panels in the walls so that rooms warm up very quickly during periods of extremely cold weather.

One of the main advantages of a radiant heat installation is comfort. The heat that is generated feels very natural. It does not cause the same changes in humidity that a forced air system would trigger. The heat moves from the floor upwards towards the ceiling. The surfaces of tables and furniture become comfortable to the touch. Most systems also work gradually so that there is not a sharp rise and later decline in temperatures throughout the house. An added benefit related to comfort is that the radiant heating system is silent.

Radiant heating systems do not need to be installed as a single central unit that covers all areas of the home. Each room can contain an isolated network of lines controlled by a thermostat on the wall. This allows homeowners to warm one room without activating the heating system in the rest of the house. It also makes it possible to keep different rooms at different temperatures. Multi-room radiant heat installations save energy and provide much more control over the temperatures throughout the home.

As an environmentally conscious homeowner, Ken Miller knows the importance of a properly designed and installed heating system. He uses his knowledge to educate other homeowners on how to make their homes environmentally friendly.

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