The Benefits Of Yoga

There is a great history that surrounds the art of yoga although a lot of people don’t realise this; although many people have heard about the benefits that yoga can have on your body they never get past the ‘impossible’ poses that they see in classes and on TV. Even basic yoga can have some amazing benefits on the body and you’ll notice the results from the very beginning.

Fitness is obviously one of the main benefits of yoga and it is not a strenuous exercise so it is suitable for people of all ages. Although yoga is not strenuous it exercises almost all muscles of the body. People who practise yoga regularly will experience increasing flexibility, motion and strength. For people of all ages and fitness levels this is a great way to prevent injury; increased flexibility will help prevent athletes becoming injured as easily. Also, people who have problems with their balance, and therefore more likely to fall, will also be less likely to injure themselves.

Yoga is also said to be a great way to control and prevent diseases. Although it will not cure any diseases or illnesses yoga can help with health issues such as lowering the blood pressure, heart rate and even circulation. Although yoga is not a treatment for diseases it is a great way to manage any current medical issues and prevent any complications in the future. One thing that affects most people at some point I their life is back pain and yoga is a great source of relief.

Yoga is not only great for the body and a person’s physical state but it is also great for your emotional state too. Yoga can help improve sleep and manage stress levels as well as decreasing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Yoga is a great exercise for doing alone and it’s easy to do at home but yoga can also have some great social benefits. Why not join a class or grab a few of your friends together and do yoga with them? Exercising with others keeps you motivated so you are less likely to give up compared to exercising by yourself.

Yoga is a great exercise for anyone at any stage of life; yoga is a gentle exercise that still maintains fitness levels and greatly improves flexibility. Yoga has the same effects as swimming on the body as although it is extremely gentle it uses almost every muscle of the body in some way so it’s a great way to get your whole body – and mind – fit and healthy.

Jamie Hennings shares her interest in the benefits of Yoga, writing on behalf of yoga masti

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  1. I think yoga is a fantastic way to de stress, and that’s just what I use it for! (also because of its many other health benefits too of course). I think the right environment and equipment plays a big part in yoga. I could never come in from work and lay out yoga mats in the middle of the living room floor. I have to clear a space in order to have a clear mind! Thanks for an interesting read! Alex

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