The Best Contraception Options For Women

Most women like to be in control of their body in every form and this includes being in control of their hormones to prevent them getting pregnant. You should never rush into getting contraception; you should always spend a good amount of time deciding what the best option for you is.


Condoms are probably one of the most popular forms of contraception, this is because not only does it protect you from getting pregnant but it also protects both parties from catching any STI’s. No other form of contraception will protect you from catching a STI, so it is important that even if you are taking another form of contraception that you still use a condom so that you are fully protected. A condom acts as a barrier between the sperm and the woman’s egg, to prevent them from connecting and fertilising the egg. You can get both male and female condoms.

Combined Pill

The combined pill contains oestrogen and progesterone, these acts as an extra hormone to prevent the woman from getting pregnant. This pill works by taking it for 21 days in a row, then you have a 7 day break before you begin taking it again. Women do take the combined pill for other reasons, this includes; painful periods, heavy periods and premenstrual syndrome. If you experience any of these you should go to your local doctor who will speak to you about your options.


If you believe that you are too forgetful to take a pill each and every day then the contraceptive implant may be a better form of contraception for you. The contraceptive implant will last up to three years, and it is reversible if you do change your mind. The implant is very reliable and it is highly unlikely that you will become pregnant whilst you still have the implant in.


If you don’t want such a long term option then you can choose to have the contraceptive injection, this will last for 12 weeks each time you have it. Women’s healthcare experts believe that the injection is one of the most reliable forms of contraception as it will protect you solidly for 12 weeks. This is also a great option for those who are a little more forgetful and risk forgetting to take their pill every day.

Choosing what contraception to use can be quite a scary thing, if you wanted to speak to someone about it you should contact your GP or search for your local women’s healthcare experts to give you further advice.


It is possible that all women can have an accident and forget to take their pill, don’t worry it does not mean that you cannot do anything about it. There is an emergency contraceptive pill which you can take up three days later after you have had sexual intercourse. It is advised that the emergency contraceptive pill works much better the sooner you take it.

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