The Best Trade Show Websites

Trade shows are great ways to demonstrate the latest products, technologies, innovations and anything else cutting edge or new to the forefront.  But these trade shows only last a couple days before everything’s packed up and moved on.  So how do they go unforgotten?  Many trade shows have begun creating websites to assure exactly that, that the wealth of material presented at the trade shows doesn’t simply just disappear as soon as the last truck is loaded.  These are some of the best trade show websites currently out on the internet.

Car and other automobile enthusiasts will love the advantage of being able to access some of the world’s best auto shows via websites.  The Chicago Auto Show and the New York Auto show are both represented in website form—although some things such as hearing a roaring engine or test driving a Jeep on their obstacle course won’t be available through the internet. features pictures of the event, a sharp slideshow of some of the best, baddest and brightest vehicles on display at the McCormick Center trade show.  Their website also features, along with pictures and video, an interactive digital tour of the trade show, easily the best feature of the website.  Controlled through your mouse, you can recreate the trade show experience from home.

While the New York Auto show has a website,, its features are a little more scaled back than that of the Chicago Auto Show’s website.  There are more videos but less photos, less panache and no interactive tour available.  Still, should keep any car lover’s enthusiasm between shows.

Music lovers will likely want to check out, the website for the National Association of Music Merchants, which holds an annual trade show of the newest and latest instruments, equipment, software and everything musical, from a garage band to a marching band to an arena-filling band.  The website features a whole series of tags intended for exhibitors and would-be exhibitors, making it a trade show website not just for spectators and attendees but for exhibitors as well.  They also offer an interactive floor plan which is much more information oriented that visually oriented.

Comic-con, the biggest trade show for comic books, movies, TV shows and any other tangentially related comic book products and vendors, has a website where fans can get the latest info on the trade show as well as their sister show APE, a trade show for alternative presses.  Comic-cons website allows you not to just get the latest information but to purchase official t-shirts and a few other products only associated with Comic-con.  You can scroll through the list of exhibitors and find their locations, making it easier for fans to plan their trade show experience in advance.

Trade shows and exhibitions like the World’s Fair used to be the only places where people could witness the latest innovations and inventions in a slew of different fields.  And while they still remain incredibly potent, the internet has allowed them to continue spreading their potency through their websites, allowing them to branch out and reach a wider range of current and prospective attendees.

About the Author: Thomas has been writing about trade show booth design for over a decade. When not writing, you can find Tom at home with his family or training for his next marathon or triathlon.

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