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The Production Industry has Gone Green with the Call Sheet Tool

Call sheets are charts that are issued to the cast and crew of musical, film or theatrical productions. The charts are to be used as a schedule of the production. Call sheets are usually issued at the beginning of the week, but because schedules frequently change, the scheduler is left redoing the call sheet, often numerous times. All of these changes resulted in excessive printing of new schedules, wasting paper as well as having to contact each member of the production to issue a new call sheet.

Going Green

The movie, music and television production industry has gone green with a new call sheet app development. The call sheet tool transforms stacks of paper into a simple, easy to use mobile device that will make the lives of directors, assistants, actors and anyone else involved in the production much easier. The Doddleme call sheet app means there is no longer a need for massive stacks of paper schedules to be printed out; instead they can be immediately viewed on an IOS or Android powered Smartphone.

Easy Download

Anyone can download the call sheet android app to their Smartphone, and it has everything that you will need to check on a daily call sheet. For even more call sheet organization the information can be synced to several devices, for example the call sheet tool allows you to upload call sheet information from your laptop to your Smartphone. The app also allows you to customize call sheets for individual members involved in the production.

Extra Features

The website for the Doddleme call sheet app allows you to connect with other professionals so it is a great way to network future references and/or contacts. There are several excellent tools available on the Doddleme website including the ability to edit, create and view all call sheets, all of which can be transferred to your Smartphone. The call sheet IPhone app has several interactive features including up to date weather reports, local hospitals and when you tap on an address or phone number the app for the business will automatically open.

SmartPhone to Email

It takes about 5 minutes to create a call sheet with the Doddleme app and immediately after you download the call sheet app, you will have instant access to a vast array of extra features such as maps. The Doddleme app also allows you to add photos for set locations or possible talent to recruit. You will also get a detailed report sent directly to your email. You can import contacts from your address book, send call sheets to the production crew and if they do not have a Smartphone or the Doddleme app, you can send the call sheets directly to any email in a PDF file.

Everyone is expected to read their call sheet, show up on time and if there are any conflicts, contact the scheduler. The Doddleme app has made it possible to prevent having to print hundreds of call sheets as well as eliminated the need to contact everyone involved in the production to pick up a hard copy of revised call sheets.

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