The Continued Rise Of The Soft Drink

For some time now, more and more people are stepping away from alcohol, not just if they are driving, but out of their lifestyles all together. So what should you be serving your teetotal visitors?

The Continued Rise Of The Soft Drink

The ‘perfect’ Soft Drink

Whatever their reason for not drinking, most of us will still want to give guests an interesting alternative. Not everyone likes the super-sugary uber brands of the soft drink world, and many will also avoid the diet versions, so consider a grown up alternative before your visitors arrive.

Many manufacturers have tried to find the holy grail of non-alcoholic adult drinks, and even more marketers have tried to persuade us that theirs is the brand to change our minds. No single drink has quite cornered the market yet, though.

The Guardian suggests some soft drinks for ‘real’ men which might give you some ideas, but the current trend is to serve something a little more sophisticated than the ‘bloke’-targeted advertising.

Soft Drinks with Food

If you are serving food, you have another reason for avoid sugary, fizzy drinks; they hamper appetite and taste. Simple water is probably the best drink to have with food, though many people will find that just too bring, especially if the meal is a special occasion, either at a friend’s house or in a restaurant.

It’s easy to jazz up using sliced lemon and lime, which also looks great in the jug, or try chopping up a delicate fruit like melon to give just a hint of flavour. Think of a complimentary flavour to what you are serving food-wise, and add that to some water. For example, cherries if you are serving duck, or elderflower if you are serving a salad.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre regularly looks into social trends on drinking and its effects and shares information. Pubs and restaurants are picking up on the rise of soft drinks and are expanding their ranges.

Companies like, a draught soft drinks supplier can take the hassle out of providing the ‘main’ soft drinks on tap, because they are still the backbone of the non-alcoholic market.

Think about what you would want to drink on an alcohol free night, and next time you’re out, try some new to give yourself a bit of inspiration.

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