The Differences Between Public Relations And Marketing

While public relations and marketing have some similarities, there are many differences between the two. It is important for a business to master both public relations, or “PR”, and marketing. By having an experienced PR firm and an experienced marketing services provider, a company will benefit significantly from both PR and marketing.

PR Service Providers Manage Information
PR firms focus on managing information between a business or an organization and the public. PR firms and service providers specialize in making sure that a business or an organization is seen in a positive way, and a PR firm will work very hard to help improve and enhance the image and perception of a business.

Some PR campaigns are highly local. Small shops and businesses that only operate in a small town or a single city may have local PR campaigns that improve overall perceptions. In contrast, some PR campaigns are national or international. A large business that wants to be seen in a positive way by as many people as possible will focus on bringing positive messages about the business to an entire nation or to the entire world.

Marketing Promotes Information, Services And Products
Unlike PR, marketing seeks to promote information, services and products. By using effective marketing techniques, a business can advertise and promote its services and products to a large audience in the hopes of attracting a large amount of new customers.

Marketers actively spread information about the business in any way that they find effective. While a PR firm will focus on managing information between an organization or a business and the public, a marketing services provider will actively promote a particular business.

PR Firms And Marketing Firms In Certain Situations
PR firms and marketing services providers are not necessarily in the same field, and they generally do not compete directly against one another. While PR services are better for some situations, marketing services are much better for others.

For example, a PR firm will likely be a much better choice in a crisis situation. If something happens that is giving a business or an organization bad publicity, a PR firm will do their best to reverse the bad publicity and handle the situation successfully. An exceptional PR firm will attempt to turn the situation into a positive situation for the business. The PR firm can do this by offering donations to anyone who has been affected by the situation, by starting a learning program in order to prevent a certain situation from happening again or by offering some type of special deal, services or products to those who were affected by the situation.

A marketing services provider would be the best choice in the case of a product launch. When a business launches a new product, the business wants as many people to know about it as possible. The marketing services provider will promote and advertise the product using all of the methods available to them, and they will talk extensively about the benefits and the features that the new product of a particular business offers.

Both PR and marketing services provide many benefits. PR is utilized for effectively managing information between a business or an organization and the public, and PR is used to effectively paint a very positive image of any business or organization. Marketing services are utilized for direct or indirect promotional purposes, and marketing services can effectively promote and advertise any service, product, business or organization.

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