The Different Types Of Wooden Flooring And How To Choose The Right Style For Your Home

With carpet becoming a flooring choice of the past wooden flooring is growing ever popular. Why? Because it looks stylish, is easy to look after and is timeless, lasting for years to come. There are many options available when it comes to wooden flooring, so how do you choose which is right for you? Wooden flooring is an investment, so it’s important you make the right decision.

Hardwood Or Laminate?
Just in case you’re unsure; hard wood is real solid wooden flooring, Laminate is a ‘fake’ version.

  • Laminate actually contains no wood what so ever. It consists of a thin piece of decor paper printed with a ‘wood’ effect photo pasted on top of a solid board. It is the cheaper option of the two. You should expect to pay double the price of Laminate for hard wood flooring. Laminate flooring can be mopped as normal. You can expect to need to replace a board or two over the years.
  • Hardwood is simply solid wooden floorboards. This more traditional option does tend to look better. You may find hardwood flooring has a warmer feel to it than laminate. It is considered harder to look after though. You should not mop your hardwood flooring as the water can cause it to expand or cause discolouration. You may find you need to have scratches and dents sanded out and re-varnished over time.

Colour And Finish Options
There are lots of options when it comes to the colour and finish of your flooring. It can be confusing to work out why you should choose a certain colour and justify your decision. Here is a look at the options-


  1. White oak- This is a very pale wood, this makes the space look lighter and bigger and gives an unfussy feel to the room.
  2. Dark oak- Choose a darker oak if you want a more traditional look. This oak provides a more natural warm feeling to the room.


  1. Varnished- Opting for a varnish or stained finish will provide a ‘glossy’ look. Looking more polished.
  2. Natural- Leaving floorboards natural gives a rustic ‘unfinished’ look. This look is great for homes with exposed brick or very natural wooden furniture.

When choosing your wood flooring here are a couple of tips to follow-

  1. Never choose your flooring straight out of a catalogue. The colour will never appear exactly as it does in person. The colour often will appear warmer in photos. Go and look at your flooring options. Make sure you touch them and take sample pieces home in order to see what fits best in your home
  2. Look at what is already in your home, if you have light wood and a general light decor go for a contrasting dark wood and vice versa. Contrasting your flooring will make it stand out and add some variation to your home. Matching everything up never looks right.

Poppie Macintosh is writing on behalf of N & S flooring and would reccomend them for laminate and wood flooring in Bristol.

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