The Dreaded ‘C’ Word – How To Make Chores Fun

Chores. The very word just brings feelings of dread and disappointment. No one particularly likes doing chores, but they’re something that just can’t be avoided, like brushing your teeth. Whether you’re doing chores because your parents make you, or because you don’t want your house guests to think you’re a slob, it’s still the same: not. fun. at. all.

Do chores really have to be that bad? Not if you don’t want them to be. With a little enthusiasm and creativity, you can make just about any chore fun. Here are some ideas that can make doing your chores tolerable, if not enjoyable.

Listen to Music – Loud
One of the most popular ways to make chores fun is to listen to music while you do them. Doing chores is a kind of mindless activity, and listening to music makes the time go by a lot faster. If you don’t find much time to relax and listen to the music you like during the day, save for when you’re in the car and listening to the radio, then turn your music up loud every time you clean. The key is to turn up the volume as loud as your neighbors can stand – it’s more fun that way.

Time Challenges
Make cleaning fun by turning your chores into a challenge. This is a fun way to do chores because it also helps you break them down into bite-size pieces. Whenever you need to do some cleaning, set the timer for five minutes, 10 minutes, or 15 minutes. During that time, do absolutely as many things as you can. Be speedy! You’re racing against the clock. Not only is it fun, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can get your chores over with and off your mind.

Enlist a Friend
There are few things in life that aren’t more fun when done with a friend. You might think that you’ll never be able to convince your friend to help you clean your house, but you’d be surprised. Some people don’t mind cleaning too much – especially if they’re helping someone they care about. If you and your friend are often busy and have trouble finding time to get together, agree to do some chores together. Talking will make the time go by in a flash. Plus, you can offer to return the favor!

Reward Yourself
If you’re a very structured, goal-oriented person, you can make chores more fun by creating a reward system for yourself. The reward system can be as simple as buying yourself ice cream after you clean your entire house on the weekend. If there’s something you’d really like to buy for yourself, like a new pair of shoes, set a goal for yourself of a certain amount of chores you’ll accomplish before you can purchase it.

Okay, so chores might never actually be fun, but you can still make the effort to accomplish those necessary tasks in whatever way feels best to you.

Jessica Brown is an elementary school teacher from Austin.  She enjoys writing about activities and healthy snacks for children.

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