The Essential Guide To Wedding Jewellery

Many brides get so wrapped up in finding the perfect wedding dress that they have a last minute panic when they finally remember to accessorise. It’s those final touches that complete a bride’s look on their wedding day, and have relatives gasping at how beautiful she looks. Make an impact as you walk down that aisle by knowing your way around a jewellery counter.

It’s All About You
On your wedding day, you should reflect your personal style. If you’re not usually a fan of dangly earrings, then stick with a lovely pair of studs. You should feel comfortable in your own skin, so stick to your guns and go for jewellery that is 100% you.

Simplistic? Detailed?
Modest jewellery is generally a winner for any bride, but don’t be afraid to make a bold statement like brightly coloured florals or layers of pearls. You obviously don’t want to be wearing a pair of earrings that take away the focus from your dress, but either way, be fashionable – you deserve it!

Complement the Gown
Choosing your jewellery to match your gown is down to you. For a general rule of thumb: if the gown is highly detailed, offset this with a simplistic item of jewellery. More unembellished gowns may need a little bit of sparkle.

Select your jewellery to match your ceremony. Informal weddings usually call for simple jewellery, whereas grand, formal weddings mean statement pieces. Anything like a casual outdoor event should allow you the breathing space to experiment with eye-popping bright colours, whereas a high class function may mean you need to go glam.

Follow Your Neckline
Your neckline will dictate what kind of necklace you will wear. In fact, you may not need to wear a necklace at all, if you are buttoned up to the chin or you want a pure, bare chest look. Low necklines generally call for long necklaces, whereas high-necked cuts may only need a pair of gorgeous earrings so you walk up the aisle in style.

For white dresses, it’s best to choose either silver or platinum necklaces. If your dress is off-white, the same applies, but you may be able to get away with golds. For ivory gowns, the yellow-ish tint will pair better with gold accessories.

Pearls are classic, if nothing else, and were even worn by the ancient Greeks, who believed that pearls brought marital bliss. Diamonds, however, are a girl’s best friend and will ensure that you really shine when you arrive at your wedding. Gemstones add a little zing of colour, and they are really beautiful additions to a gown, so at least consider precious stones before you go traditional.

Accessorising is a balancing act. If your necklace is ornate, choose matching simple earrings. You may bypass the earrings altogether if you have an elaborate hairpiece in your ‘do. For those who are thinking about going without a necklace, always compensate with some gorgeous earrings.

With a long-sleeved gown, you won’t see the wrists, so you should consider bracelets only if you are wearing a sleeveless or a short-sleeved dress. Something simple is always charming, but you don’t want to overclutter with jewellery. Never take your watch, unless it really holds sentimental value.

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