The Facts About Real Nappies

There are two different kinds of reusable nappies: all-in-one nappies and two-part nappies. All-in-ones look a bit like disposables, and offer a combined waterproof outer layer and inner layer. Two-part nappies combine a nappy and a waterproof wrap as an outside layer.

How Many Reusable Nappies Should You Buy?

How many reusable nappies you buy over the time it takes for your child to grow is incredibly hard to work out, but there are some guidelines. This does depend on the kind of nappies you’re using, though. All-in-one nappies come with wraps, so you won’t need to worry about that as an extra cost, but for two-part nappies this is something you’ll need to consider over time.

You could be looking at buying between 15 and 20 nappies to get going when your baby is born. As your child grows, you can buy more for each age range as needed. For two-part nappies, the wraps will need to be replaced as your child grows. Look for special deals where you can buy reusable nappies in bulk, as this often means a good discount.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you have to use disposables now and again. Yes, the main reason why we turn to reusable nappies is for ethical reasons and reduce landfill, but practicalities mean that there are times when you need back up.

We all have issues with laundry, especially with babies and small children. It’s worth have a box of disposable nappies around ‘just in case’. Once in a while isn’t going to destroy the environment, and it might just save your sanity.

Aren’t Reusable Nappies Really Fiddly To Change?

Most of us have this in-built notion that reusable nappies will be fussy and fiddly to change. Before I researched reusable nappies, I still had this idea you had to use safety pins! Fortunately, we’ve moved on quite a bit since then, and they’re much more convenient that they were, thanks to plastic fixings or Velcro. I’ve been using Bumgenius nappies for my little boy, and been getting on with the plastic clips just fine.

Talk to other parents. There are more people choosing to buy reusable nappies now, and you shouldn’t have too many people looking at you like you’ve just arrived from a flying saucer. Take a look online, and read reviews.

There’s one more thing to consider. You’ll be told that reusable nappies are cost effective. They are, but only when compared to the eventual outlay of disposables. You might be shocked at the initial cost. Don’t be duped into thinking that cheaper is better. Badly designed reusable nappies can put you off permanently, making false economy. Reusables do work, but do shop around and find out more.

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