The Fantastic View Of The Como Lake In Italy

Are you looking for a European tourist destination that offers excellent and fantastic view for you to enjoy? You can consider the Lake Como in Lombardy region of the northern part of Italy that lies between Switzerland and Milan. Lake Como is a glacial lake shape like inverted letter Y and it is considered as the third largest lake. It is surrounded with hills, mountains, beautiful resort, villas and restaurants that every tourist will surely love their stay. There are different activities you can make here such as water activities, boat trips and hiking paths. Lake Como is a very popular place even during the Roman times because it is one of the most romantic travel destination and at the same time, one of the greatest spots for photography.

The Fantastic View Of The Como Lake In Italy

There are also some lake attractions and souvenirs in the major town of Lake Como that is something to be proud of. It is a place where you can see the silk making process that started during 1900 and you can purchase their silk from any silk shops. There is a fishing village that has narrow alleyways and you will also enjoy cruises. If you love cruises around Lake Como, you can enjoy the view using commercial boats every weekend when it is summer time. You will also enjoy different outdoor activities such as skiing in mountains during winter, windsurfing, paragliding, and boating, hiking, mountain biking or just simply biking. Of course, you will surely love to witness their very unique and fantastic Lake Como Festival. There is the so called Sagra di Giovani that is being celebrated in the month of June where you can enjoy the fireworks and folk arts. Ossuccio is a kind of festival that conducts boat race and boat procession. During first week of September, you will enjoy the historical re-enactment because it is the Palio Del Baradello Festival and at the same month, the Palio Del Remiero del Lario celebrates their traditional rowing race. This Lake Como Festival has very unique features when they celebrate their festivals. During summer, there are lots of music performances held around this lake but from the month of January up to April, they conduct their gastronomical festivals in drama.

The best time to visit this place is during the month of July and August because it is less crowded and it has a pleasant weather so you will get to enjoy your day. There are lots of modes of transportation you can use when you want to visit Lake Como. You can enjoy riding the train, bus, boat, car, private cars, motorcycle or bicycle.

Reaching this wonderful lake destination is a good option for you because of its wonderful features to offer you but you will surely enjoy this place more if you stay in a very comfortable place where you will feel more relaxed after your daily activities in the Lake in Como. So if you are looking for a home that will impress you, the GRAND HOTEL TREMEZZO is the best choice. This grand hotel has twelve acres of parkland that surrounds the massed windows and century old building, facing out the lake. Each room has provides a good view of the waters and parks of Lake Como. It has a good interior design that provides true elegance but still lean in its well preserved tribute and authenticity spirit of 1910. The Grand Hotel Tremezzo has a liberty style that has the heart of Lombardy. There are lots of facilities you will enjoy that this hotel offers you such as an access to sporting possibilities in the lake, fitness center, indoor pool, spa and outdoor pools. They have also delicious foods to serve you and cocktails for you to enjoy.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo has different packages you will enjoy love such as the Lake Como Grand Tour, Spa Retreat, Marchesi Fine Dining, Suite Temptations, Romantic escape, Gusto Italiano and the Golf Time. These packages are best offers that you and your love ones will truly enjoy.

This place is also a good choice to conduct or celebrate special events such as weddings. So if you want to make your wedding become one of the unique moments in your life, this is the best place for you. Grand Hotel Tremezzo will surely provide you an enchanting moment that you and your guest will surely never forget because of the wonderful experience that this hotel can bring.

Since weddings happens only once in a lifetime, you need to look for a place that can provide you some romantic scene so therefore, there is no need for you to hesitate in choosing the Lake Como. The Grand Hotel Tremezzo is a better location for your perfect wedding. They will ensure you that they will make your special day a day that would be remembered forever. They have dedicated staff to make your wedding day and party fun. On top of that, everybody will share the joy and happiness with you.

The Fantastic View Of The Como Lake In Italy

You can also have the chance to choose your preferred time of reception because this hotel can offer you different stunning rooms and spaces that has the Lake Como as your extraordinary backdrop. They have an ideal space for your wedding receptions where you can see the real beauty of the Lake Como. Your reception will also always be combined with fine dining because it is also one of the famous restaurants to consider in town. Grand Hotel Tremezzo will ensure you that you will have a fairytale experience in your life together with your special guests.

Lake Como is one of the most beautiful places that you should not miss because it is blessed by the nature. The landscape, climate, atmosphere are just some of the great things that the Lake Como have. It can provide you great panorama of romanticism that is brought by the natural image of Lake Como and the Grand Hotel Tremezzo is the best place to stay to experience and witness the view of the lake and make memorable events in your life. Since the natural beauty of Lake Como is a gift to the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, this hotel will also provide you a gift of great experience not only for you but for your guest also.