The First 30 Days As Mommy

Being a mom, I’ve learned so much firsthand. When I lost my mom the week I found out I was pregnant, I truly had no one to turn to with the hundreds of questions a day. From diaper rash to sleep deprivation, I had to learn on the job, so to speak and started writing my thoughts and feelings down each day. Frustrated and flustered, after 30 days, I finally figured out that no one has it all figured out, which makes being a parent a little bit easier.

There are thoughts and feelings that you go through as a first time parent that you would never know about until you actually go through the process. Times of overwhelming joy, paralyzing fear and everything in between. You resent your spouse for going back to their regular life and leaving you at home with this new life, by yourself, to fend for you both all day! With all of these new and unforeseen trials that I was going through, I continued to write, pray and learn until I had a book: The First 30 Days as Mommy.

Still learning how to be a good parent, I feel like I could write 5 more books! Especially after having that second baby – oh my! But The First 30 Days as Mommy, is the perfect book for any new parent, pregnant woman, first time mom and even women considering becoming pregnant. You can never be completely ready for a baby, but this book can take some of the sting out it!

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