The Five NYC Jobs That May Be Hurting Your Back

There’s nothing worse than having serious chronic back problems. Back problems affect not only your day-to-day comfort, but also your performance on the job. It’s even worse is when the job itself is the primary reason you are having problems with your back. There are a number of professions within the city of New York where this is a daily struggle for many. If you are employed in any of the 5 following jobs, then you should consult a spine specialist in NYC to prevent long-term spinal injuries and back problems.

1. Construction Worker – Working construction is one of the most physically challenging forms of employment you can find in New York City. The city is ever expanding, and the need for construction workers is always present. There is an enormous amount of heavy lifting required of construction workers, and it is often done under dangerous circumstances. Many times, this results in awkward positioning, which causes stress on the back. While older construction workers tend to experience more back pain than younger construction workers, heavy lifting and labor can affect anyone in the long run.

2. Professional Mover – Speaking of heavy lifting, no one does as much heavy lifting as a professional mover. In a city with well over 8 million residents, there is always a need for movers. Although professional movers are taught how to lift heavy items properly and have certain tools of the trade to help them, they are still prone to back problems.

3. Police Officer – Police officers often experience back pain while in pursuit of a subject or during an arrest. But more often than not, it’s because of the constant sitting in their squad cars. Sitting for long periods of time can cause severe lower back pain. Not to mention that all officers wear heavy utility belts that add unbalanced weight that rests on the hips, which puts stress on their backs as well.

4. Cab Driver – Speaking of doing a lot of sitting, cab drivers barely ever get out of their car unless they are off duty. Cab drivers in particular are at risk of lower back problems.

5. Fire Fighter – These gentlemen wear a huge amount of heavy, protective gear, and are expected to climb up and through small spaces in incredibly tall buildings. They often have to break through walls and doors in order to rescue civilians, and they even have to carry unconscious individuals to safety. All of this exerts enormous stress on the back.

These five common jobs in NYC can cause a lot of back stress. Anyone with such employment that is suffering from back pain should visit a spine specialist in NYC. Even if you are not experiencing pain now, it is a good idea to contact a spine specialist to prevent pain and discomfort in the future.

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