The Founding Fathers-Who They Were, What They Believed, and What They Did

When it comes to American history, there are certain people who have paved the way for the freedom that we know today. These men are known as the Founding Fathers, and they have played a major role in the American Revolution, Declaration of Independence and US Constitution, among other historical events.

Who were the founding fathers?
Most people consider the Founding Fathers to be made up of two groups: those who signed the Declaration of Independence and those who constructed the Constitution. But then there are others who consider the Founding Fathers to be anyone who played a role in the initial history of the US, including diplomats, soldiers and politicians.

The first meeting of the Founding Fathers, otherwise known as the First Continental Congress, consisted of 56 delegates from 12 of the 13 original colonies. Some of the most notable people involved in this meeting included Samuel Adams, John Adams, and George Washington. During this meeting, the group established the Continental Association to start boycotting the actions of Britain in order to separate the colonies from British rule.

The Second Continental Congress was made up of the majority of the First Continental Congress along with a few other additions, including John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. It was during this meeting that the Declaration of Independence was adopted.

The majority of all the Founding Fathers had some type of political or government experience. Some had been governors, some were members of the continental Congress, and others had various other political responsibilities.

Most of the members of the Founding Fathers were considered middle class individuals, and many of them had practiced some type of law. Most of the Founding Fathers had tried their hand at a variety of different occupations throughout their lives. Those who were considered middle class had a significant amount of money, but there were also a few who were considered extremely wealthy. Most of the original Founding Fathers were Protestant and came from one of the 13 colonies.

What did the Founding Fathers do?
All of the Founding Fathers played a major role in American history, and their main goal was to help turn the 13 colonies into an entity completely separate from British law and control. Over time, the Founding Fathers helped pave the way for the America that we know today. The signed the Continental Association, which created a trade boycott that was made to separate the colonies from Great Britain; they signed the Articles of Confederation, which was an agreement that established the 13 colonies as a confederation; they signed the Declaration of Independence, which completely separated the 13 colonies from the British Empire; and they signed the US Constitution, which is the major law of the US.

Without all of these rules and regulations, the 13 colonies may never have separated themselves from British rule, and the America that you know today may not be the same.

Jessica Brown is an avid reader and historian at heart.  She has always taken a great interest in the history of the United States and particularly the founding fathers.

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