The Future Direction Of Home Automation

For many, the thought of more technology infiltrating our homes will fill a lot of people with dread. Like it or not, technology is here to stay – and home automation will play a big role in this. With the release of the Amazon Alexa, it propelled this automation technology into the mainstream.

With this in mind, we asked home automation experts Custom Controls ( to give us an insight into what current home automation installations are able to do, and how they will improve in the future.

Automated Door Locks  

Home security is a big selling point for this technology. Home automation installations are able to make use of automated door locks to allow the homeowner to open and close their doors without the need for keys. All you need to open the door is your smartphone. When you are away from home, it is possible to double check that your locks are secured, and you can allow and deny access to your home as and when required.

Control of Heating & Cooling

Home automation technology is excellent for maintaining the temperature within your home at a level which is comfortable for you and your family.

Many early adopters of this home automation technology have found that it is a great way to save money on your utility bills. This is because the automation technology is able to switch off your heating or cooling when you leave the home. It is possible for many of the latest home automation systems to identify whether the owners are home or not.

Time Saving 

When you leave your house, your home automation system will be able to lock all your doors and switch off your TV, as well as lights, without you having to lift a finger. This means you can quickly leave the house without wasting time switching off appliances. This is a very cool feature and is one of my favorites. 

Save Money 

While there is an upfront cost for installing the home automation system, many people will find that they will be able to make some of this money back from reduced utility bills.

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