The Future Of High Street Retail In The UK

Despite the rise in popularity of online retail over the past few years, it seems that there is plenty of life left in Britain’s high streets. Although the number of people who shop online is continuing to increase, the majority of sales revenue still comes from the traditional shopping arena of the high street. Just a couple of years ago many industry experts were predicting the end was in sight for the high street; however, thanks to many retailers embracing the digital revolution and creating new shopping experiences in their brick-and-mortar stores, high street shopping now seems to be on a much firmer footing.

The Future Of High Street Retail In The UK

Retail Performance Results

As reported by both the BBC and the Telegraph, retail sales in the UK recently grew by 0.1% Although this was less than expected, causing the pound to drop in value, it is still a sign that consumers are becoming more comfortable in spending their money once again.

One of the most interesting statistics to emerge from this recent set of results is the fact that, despite rising in number, online sales account for less than 13% of total retail volume. Traditional high street retail still captures a majority share of the market, although the gap between this and its online counterpart will continue to close. It could be argued that the willingness of many retailers to embrace the online digital revolution, rather than battle against it, has saved the high street from extinction. Multi-channel retailing is very much the order of the day, with many high street shops utilising smart technology to offer similar interactive experiences in store to those found online.

Security Guards in Belfast

The future of the traditional high street shopping arena in the United Kingdom is certainly looking more assured. This is excellent news for the thousands of UK retail workers, from managers and shop assistants to warehouse workers and security guards. Belfast security guard company Cuff Group is just one of many organisations providing uniformed security staff to high street retailers around the country, with demand remaining strong.

As long as retailers continue to embrace the digital revolution, it seems that the future of high street retail in the UK will be assured for a long time to come.

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