The Greatest Car Shows In The World

Every year, all around the world, and in all seasons, engineers, manufacturers, aficionados and the general public gather in their thousands to pay homage to one of man’s greatest inventions – the car.

Whether it’s to revel in vintage beauty at the Footman James Classic Motor Show in Birmingham, UK, or to dream of taking to the skies in the futuristic Terrafugia flying car at the New York International Auto Show, these events fire the imaginations of young and old, expert and layman alike. Here we take you on a spin through a few of the world’s most exciting car shows.

New York International Auto Show
Every year, in late March or early April, the famous New York International Auto Show rolls into the Big Apple. North America’s first and largest attended car show, this breathtaking event, which showcases 1,000 new cars, has been stealing the hearts of car enthusiasts for over 112 years. Stars of 2012 included the Terrafugia flying car, a must-see for any Back to the Future fans, and the eye-catching Nissan NV200 taxi van, hailed by its makers as the safest taxi ever built and set to become New York’s official new cab.

This year’s event

Where: Jacob Javits Centre, New York City

When: March 29th to April 7th, 2013

Top Marques Monaco

Probably the world’s glitziest car show – and the only live supercar show on Earth – Top Marques Monaco sees the world’s most expensive supercars cruising the streets of this prestigious European motoring destination. Unlikely to be driven by anyone who’s ever pondered the expense of online car insurance, the glittering cast includes a host of $1.5 million Pagani Zondas, Bugatti Veyrons worth in excess of $2.3 million and of course a myriad Lamborghinis and Ferraris. Not for the faint-hearted or shallow-pocketed, the event, now in its 10th year, takes joyriding to a new level.

This year’s event

Where: Monaco

When: April 18th to 21st 2013

The Footman James Classic Motor Show

Tens of thousands of car lovers from across the globe eagerly descend on the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK, every year to take part in a feast of motoring history at this iconic classic car event. Featuring around 1,500 classic cars, from award-winning VW Beetles and Renaults to the crème de la crème of historical sports cars, it truly is a paradise for car lovers.

This year’s event

Where: National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK

When: November 15th to 17th, 2013

Australian International Motor Show
This stunning, home-grown motor show has roots dating back almost 100 years. Held biennially in Sydney and Melbourne, this year’s event boasted the first Australian outing of the Ford Evos, a car so clever it could probably arrange its own online car insurance before you’d reversed out of the showroom. Among other futuristic features, the Evos is designed to be hooked into your smart home, so when you pull out of your driveway, it tells the house you’ve left, and turns off all the lights inside and locks the door. Another star of this year’s show was one of the most sought-after and expensive supercars on Earth – the Aston Martin One-77, which achieves 100kmh in just 3.7 seconds and is one of only 77 in the world.

This year’s event

Where: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne

When: June 28th to July 7th, 2013

These motor shows represent just a handful of global motor shows on offer every year. Other notable destinations for car lovers include Paris, Geneva, Detroit, Frankfurt and Beijing – which drew a whopping 800,000 visitors last year. Whether they’re dedicated to the oldest, newest, most comfortable or fastest, these incredible events are a testament not only to human achievement but to our enduring love for our four-wheeled friends.

Joanne Lemke is a final year creative writing student at UOW, who is looking to break into the corporate copywriting space once she graduates and hopefully go on to eventually some day write a book around her other passions, namely cooking and travel.

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