The Growing Trend of Hair Transplants

In the recent past hair transplants were considered a social taboo and the procedure was thought to cater to people who were excessively obsessed with their physical appearance. However in recent times the trend seems to be changing. The reasons for this are manifold and are as follows:

  • The first reason is that hair transplants have become more accessible. This is largely because hair transplant procedures due to innovation in technology have become more affordable over the years. Another reason is the fact that a large number of hair transplant clinics have opened all across the world. Thus, now the procedure of hair transplant is available to more people transcending borders and cultures.
  • Another reason is the fact that awareness about hair transplant has increased making the entire issue less taboo. A large part of this is because celebrities who have benefited from the treatment have spoken out in favor of it. Moreover, people openly claiming to have received the surgery have also led to the removal of the stigma attached to the procedure.
  • The fact that there are now different types of hair transplant treatments available in the market has also helped to increase the clientele for this procedure. Since people have a choice to use whichever procedure they are more comfortable with. It has also given people more options for various types and stages of hair loss.

How Hair Transplant Works

The procedure of hair transplant involves removing hair follicles from an area from the back of the head or the lower scalp, since in most cases of hair loss, hair follicles are still present in this area. These hair follicles are then planted or grafted back into the area where hair loss has occurred. This allows the hair to look more natural while allowing the hair to grow naturally as well.

One of the recent procedures in the field of hair transplant is known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Another recent transplant technology is known as Follicular Unit Transplants the abbreviation for which is FUT.  These technologies replace healthy hair follicles with the ones that have been damaged causing hair loss in the first place. Both technologies allow hair to grow again naturally.

Alternative Solutions Available

If a person does not one to undergo surgery in order to replace the hair lost there are alternative solutions available in the market as well. One such procedure is called scalp pigmentation. This procedure basically puts ink on the bald patches that work like a tattoo and give the appearance of hair that is closely shaved to the skin.

Another type of treatment involves the use of lasers to stimulate the scalp. This simulation is some cases leads to the regrowth of hair. However, this procedure is outdated and is not used very widely anymore.

Other types of treatments include the use of drugs that can prevent hair loss or simulate the skin cells to regrow hair. These types of treatments may also have side effects.

However, if a person does not wish to opt for any of the methods mentioned above or does not want to take any type of medical treatment to rectify the problem of hair loss they can always opt to use wigs or hair pieces. Like in the field of hair transplants there has also been development in the making of wigs and so they look considerably real now.

The hair transplant procedure is becoming increasingly popular and more people are choosing it over baldness.

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