The Health Benefits Of Using A Sauna

People have used saunas for many centuries because of their health benefits. Perhaps the most popular type of sauna is the Finnish sauna. Today, saunas can be found in many gyms and spas in various cities. Other people have chosen to have them in their homes for more frequent and convenient use.

Saunas are small rooms that can be heated either by dry or wet heat depending on the preference of the user. They have various benefits including burning calories and energizing the body. However, saunas are not recommended for those who have respiratory ailments, heart defects and pregnant women. Elderly people should also limit their time in a sauna. People should not drink alcohol before entering the sauna; alcohol is a depressant that may counteract some of the beneficial effects of the room.

Burn calories

Metabolism and pulse increases when an individual is in a sauna. This makes blood vessels more flexible, which is a good thing for the body because tissues and organs benefit from the increased circulation. Once inside a sauna, the temperature increase makes the heart work extra hard to send more blood through the capillaries. This process needs a lot of energy to occur. The body therefore burns more calories with the increased energy use, which results in fat loss.


Having a relaxing moment in a sauna helps in nourishing the pores of the skin through intense sweating, which results in deep cleansing and nourishing. This is important in combating skin problems such as acne, which are a result of blocked pores. Heavy sweating also helps to rid the body of toxins through the pores. Some of the toxins that can be released through the skin while using a sauna include cholesterol, mercury and lead among others.

Soothes and energizes

Many people who regularly use a sauna reveal that they feel relaxed after their time in the sauna. This helps ease anxiety and depression. When in a sauna, muscles relax which makes the mind to follow suit. The heat from the sauna warms body muscles, which can result in less injury when undertaking a physical exercise.

Kills Viruses

The high temperatures in a sauna results in a fever like reaction, which helps in killing dangerous bacteria in the body. The heat also leads to the increased production of leukocytes in the blood. Leukocytes are the building blocks of the immune system. Increased leukocyte levels results in a stronger immune system.

Pain relief

Saunas stimulate a process known as vasodilation. This refers to the constriction of blood vessels. The process relieves pain especially for individuals with arthritis and bursitis. It also speeds up the healing process of sprains and pulled muscles.

For maximum effect, use a sauna regularly for ten to twenty minutes and then take a rest outside the sauna for an equal amount of time before re-entering the sauna. It is also important for an individual to drink plenty of water before, during and after sauna use to stay hydrated. Saunas are so popular in Finland; a country with about 700,000 saunas, one for every seven people in the country.

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