The Importance Of CISSP / CEH / CHFI Certifications

The role of information security is changing fast all over the world due to the increasing number of highly damaging security breaches that hit organizations frequently. Protecting a company’s information system has become highly imperative due to the cut-throat competition in the business arena.

This is a major reason why more and more organizations today are looking for professional certifications when they hire IT security personnel for their organizations. These professional certifications ensure employers that the individual they are hiring is best-suited for the job.

For individuals, these IT certifications can be a perfect way to stand out in the eyes of employers as the perfect and competent candidate for the job. However, each of these certifications has its own importance, not just in terms of career advancement but also for personal growth of individuals.

Importance of CISSP Certification

CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional) certification offers not only a challenging and fruitful career but also builds your knowledge in the field of information system security quite extensively in ten key areas. This helps you become more confident in your skills and build your decision-making abilities at times of crisis.

Since the CISSP certification is globally accepted as one of the most renowned certification among IT industry professionals, it gives you a chance to relocate to anywhere you want, going on job assignments as your company’s representative or working as a freelancer. Moreover, the nature or work that you can get after you are a CISSP certified professional is far more stimulating, challenging and valued in the industry due to its intricate nature.

Importance of CEH Certification

Although it is not necessary to have a professional certification to become an ethical hacker, there are several reasons why the CEH (Certified Ethical Hackers) certification is valued not just by employers but by individuals too. The certification is designed in a way that gives you an understanding of how the mind of a hacker works when he attacks a company’s information system. Getting into this mindset helps you understand the target points of attacks, their vulnerabilities and risks, and the way that they can be exploited in a much better manner.

Moreover, the certification also indicates that the individual has learned all about the tools and techniques that may be used by hackers. The certification also means rapid career and salary advancement, and sufficient chances of personal growth for IT professionals who have relative experience along with the certification compared to those who lack it.

Importance of CHFI Certification

The CHFI (Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator) certification helps you test your knowledge about tools and techniques that can be helpful in carrying out forensic investigations for cybercrimes. The training provided for this certification provides you with an in-depth knowledge base regarding some key areas of computer forensics. This not only makes you competent at your job but also helps you in saving your clients from substantial losses.

The certification also requires you to build a comprehensive understanding of laws and regulations of the country. Furthermore, it is also among the top paid IT security certifications in the world that can pay you quite higher than many other IT certifications. At the same time, it offers you a bright career outlook for the future, since professionals with these certifications are demanded by employers all over the world in all industries.

Tom  Zaffir is a network security consultant and author of articles related to network and PC security. He also  assists in CISSP, CEH , CHFI Security training courses.

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