The Importance Of DDoS Protection For SMB Sites

Small and medium business owners have plenty of challenges to face. From taking on bigger and more well-entrenched competition, budget and resource constraints to ever-changing technology landscape and government compliance – the small business owner can find things pretty tough. The SMB size will also not protect itfrom what is known DDoS or distributed denial of service attacks. These attacks are one of the biggest dangers faced by inhabitants of the cyber world and are even more ferocious because they can come in many forms. An analysis of the various kinds of dangers that exist in the cyber world results in the conclusionthat DDoS attacks are the most prevalent.

Today, DDoS attacks can target any type of website and any size of business. Therefore, it becomes critically important for SMBs to invest in effective DDoS protection solutions. The good news is that there are plenty of companies in the industry that specialize in delivering their solutions to the target market of the small and medium business owner. One point of concern for the small business is the availability of resources such as spare capacity and IT infrastructure that is required to cope with or repel DDoS attacks.

But if the small-business owner can place good quality network monitoring that will help him ascertain any threats to his network, he can deflect most DDoS attacks. There are plenty of low-cost tools that are available whichcan help the small-business owner with this monitoring capability. One option in this domain is to outsource to a DDoS solutions provider. This will help the small business owner in eliminating the need for investments in hardware and software and leave him free to concentrate on its core business. The expertise of the DDoS service provider will take care of such network monitoring requirements.

There is a thought process that states that a small-business owner must weigh the fallout of a DDoS attack against the costs for going in for a DDoS mitigation service. Unfortunately the small and medium-sized business is particularly vulnerable to a DDoS attack because more often than not they have simpler IT infrastructure. Therefore being small should not make them complacent into thinking that they may not really be the target of DDoS attacks  – this can be their undoing. It is interesting to note that even a body like the US Department of Homeland Security has become involved in the aftermath of the spate of DDoS attacks against big American banks.

The suggestion of pooled resources to counteract such DDoS attacks is a good one indeed, especially for the small and mid-size business owner. Industry experts also advice smaller business owners of treading cautiously when it comes to choosing a DDoS protection provider. It is easy enough to go in for a service based on low-cost but this may result in the business owner getting tied to a service provider who may not deliver the required levels of protection. For instance going in for an ISP- centric DDoS protection service provider may not work out in the long run.

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