The Importance Of Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is something we all need on a periodical basis. Carpets are exposed to all sorts of dirt and we need to protect ourselves from bacteria, dust and have complete hygiene, especially when we have kids.

Chances are, however, you have not considered the potential damage caused by non eco-friendly carpet cleaning products. It’s not just the environment (somebody does not even care about the health of our planet, green house effect and so on), but most importantly the people living under the same roof.

For some people, in fact, protecting the environment is not a big enough reason to change their behaviour, but relatives are! Who wants to have a clean carpet and a ill daughter? Who wants to compromise their health just to save a few bucks on upholstery cleaning?

This sort of information needs to be advertised more: a lot of companies are profiting from the general public’s ignorance about such important issues.

There are a wide range of risky carpet cleaning products that are still being used by unscrupulous professional cleaners all over the world. Carpet cleaning chemicals derived from coal tar and proven carcinogens provoke harmful effects and these substances easily remain in the air and in the carpet fibers, releasing slowly after the cleaning ends.

This does not only include carpet cleaning, but many kinds of cleaning products. Recent studies carried out in US universities found traces of dangerous chemicals in a wide range of wood, glass and metal cleaning supplies. Several worldwide companies started to focus on making all their products eco-friendly.

Perchloroethylene and Napthalene are probably the most dangerous substances in circulation, and one should really be careful about hiring a carpet cleaning company using one of these. Going green is therefore not only a fashionable term, but something all professional cleaners should do not to damage their customers’ health.

A safe alternative? Non toxic carpet cleaning products are now easily available and cleaning companies are becoming more and more aware about the importance of eco-friendliness. If you think DIY is not for you and you decide to hire someone for the job, it is really essential that you ask a series of important questions on their methodology and make sure that they do not use harmful products.

Do you think going green is just a marketing tactic? Or do you agree this is the only sustainable way to take care of our lives? This should teach us the importance of the environment in our daily choices.

Dan writes for Innovate Carpets, providing London UK carpet cleaning services for home and business owners.

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