The Importance Of Effective Dust Extraction

It is important to make sure any environment, whether it be home or work, is properly maintained and does not present a health risk for individuals. In the workplace, harmful particles can easily cause the spread of airborne diseases which, in turn, can affect the productivity of employees. It is therefore essential for companies to implement health strategies that ensure the safety and wellbeing of its staff. One strategy that should be implemented is the adoption of dust extraction equipment.

There are industries, especially those involved with the production of chemicals, which are more dangerous in terms of the potential health risks employees are exposed to. These businesses are particularly dangerous due to the excessive amount of toxic chemicals in the workplace. There are examples whereby certain businesses lack functional air conditioning systems, which raise the risks of employees developing health complications.  To prevent the occurrence of health problems, it is vital for businesses to install dust extraction systems that aim to keep the environment clean and full of fresh air.

The use of dust extraction systems not only allows for the removal of dust particles, but also removes micro and macro particles from the environment. These systems are mainly adopted in industry buildings since there is a high concentration of dust and harmful organisms compared to other businesses. By installing dust extraction systems, management are actively trying to protect the health of their employees and in the process, increase their productivity and reduce the business’s health related expenses. Moreover, the installation of these systems enables industries to reduce cases of lawsuits lodged against them by employees who, as a result of the unhealthy environment, have developed health complications.

A dust extraction system works by confining dust in one central location and then removing and disposing of it. The system contains a vacuum unit that draws dust particles towards its internal unit which is designed to capture and contain particles. The confined dust particles are then stored in the removal disposal unit and are prevented from re-entering the atmosphere.

There are various types and sizes of dust extraction systems available. Each of these systems has different ways of eliminating dust from the environment. One such system is the use of a media filtration system that eliminates dust particles from the air by using a screening fabric or material that is placed on the path of the air stream to trap dust particles. The other method is the use of cyclone industrial collection systems, which are large funnels placed on workplace ducts and work by sucking dust particles. These particles are then passed through a high speed funnel that divides dust particles and clean air.

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