The Importance Of Geology

There are various reasons that make geology an important subject in our lives. Often we perceive that a geologist is a person that only spends his life analyzing and examining rocks, but actually the scope of geology is much more than that. One of the most important areas of geology is economic geology in which we have to study how to locate the minerals and fossils in the earth. Locating important minerals such as gold, oil, and coal is extremely important for man’s survival. In order to learn how to locate these important minerals, we have to study the field of geology.

Importance of Geology
Another main area of geology that has become important in the last few decades is the study of the movement of the Earth’s plates on the major fault lines to predict the time and magnitude of earthquakes. As the number of earthquakes has increased in last few decades, the casualties as well as the economic loss in the earthquakes all over the world has also increased. It becomes important for the nations that they produce expert geologists who can research the major fault lines of the world and predict the magnitude of the earthquakes that may occur in the different areas of the world.

Geology is also used to determine the extents and factors of sinkholes.  These sinkholes are extremely dangerous for housing as well as roads. Through geology, we are able to know how to build structures correctly around sinkholes. Geology also helps in locating drinking water under the surface of the Earth. The geologist will decide how deep you have to go to find the water without disturbing the natural system, and this is very important to predict the actual cost of finding the groundwater. The drilling of wells largely depends on the calculations of the geologist.

Tools used in Geology
As the subject of geology has changed a lot during the last few decades, today geologists use various scientific tools to complete their research and work. A few of these tools are: ground-penetrating radar, seismic reflection and refraction used for subsurface imaging to see what types of resources are available under the surface of a particular area. In the past, there were no such sophisticated equipment available, so the geologist had to rely on his experience and manual calculations to predict the underground resources. Besides the above-mentioned tools, there are high-power microscopes and scanners made with sophisticated technologies that are also available for geologists.

Geology has never been recognized as an important subject and has often been overlooked by  scientists and governments. But when we look at the practical use of geology, it helps us understand that the field of geology is extremely important for the survival of mankind. The governments need to spend more on the development of geology, and the general public also has to realize the importance of this area of science. However, as the awareness is increasing, a large segment of society starts realizing the importance of geology and geologists.

Written by Sharmi, S. Who is a life time student of Geography. Read her latest post about Famous Volcanoes.

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