The Importance Of Insuring Against Accidents At Work

Accidents happen in any industry. On a building site there are untold opportunities for something terrible to happen, but even within city centre offices a misplaced sign can lead to an accident. It’s imperative for employees in all lines of work understand the various levels of insurance and the importance of protection.

Personal Accident Insurance
Personal accident insurance helps employees who are off work for an extended length of time. For example, if you were a builder and broke a bone your insurance company would pay you a regular sum for the amount of time you’re away from work. Although it the amount paid out and the type of things covered all depends on the specific insurance policy.

Levels of Cover
The levels of cover offered depend entirely on the insurer. Some only cover injuries, whilst leaving out diseases and self-inflicted injuries, and some cover everything. Generally, the level of cover depends on the premium levels. £100,000 worth of cover applies to fewer conditions than £250,000 worth of cover, to give an example. Check with your insurer to see what each level of cover affords, and read the small print.

The premiums paid out each week during any time away from work also vary depending on the level of cover.

Why it’s Good to have Protection
• Pays out a lump sum if you’re forced out of the workplace for good due to a long-term injury.
• Gives you a regular weekly payment in order to tie you over whilst you concentrate on recovering.
• An additional excess on top of the standard cover period helps you if your injury keeps you out of the workplace for longer than expected.
• Your family is safe in the knowledge any bills and expenses won’t mount up if you are kept away from work through no fault of your own.
• Policies cover most of your weekly wage. The amount you can insure depends on the insurer, once again, but the average figure is between 50% and 70%.
• Cover against anything. Take out the right cover and the policy pays out regardless of whether the injury was caused by someone else, self-inflicted, or whether it’s an illness wholly unrelated to the workplace itself.

Legal Representation
It’s always wise to make sure your insurance policy covers the potential costs of legal representation. If your employer was at fault, you have a right to compensation, but some people don’t get what they deserve because they can’t afford the legal costs. Many personal accident insurance policies have facilities for representation.

And most personal accident solicitors allow a free consultation so the insurance policy won’t pay for anything unless the solicitor is confident of winning the case.

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