The LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet Review

The past twelve months has seen an explosion onto the market of kid’s learning tablets which are designed to help children fast track their educational progress and interact with technology in a cleverer way.  There are three companies that are really leading the way in these developments and they are VTech, Vinci, and LeapFrog.

Suits Children Aged Four to Eight
LeapFrog’s latest learning tablet is very impressive and is targeted at children who are aged four years old to eight years old which is also the age bracket at which kids are at their most receptive when it comes to learning new skills.  If you are a parent who wants to give their child a chance at the best start in life then you might want to consider this device.

This article is a short assessment of the product, and whilst not a fully comprehensive LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet review it will give some guidance to parents as to whether or not this is a sound investment.

Safe and Easy to Use by Kids
The LeapFrog LeapPad is very safe for children to use and is a very large and colorful product with softened rubber edges plus tempered glass which will stand up to the rough and tumble often associated with child’s play.

The educational content on the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer is superb and the whole ethos of this kids learning tablet is around educating the child – but in a fun environment.  Some of the content applications and modules include (but are not exclusive to);

  • Maths and Problem Applications
  • Artwork Challenges Coloring-In Modules
  • Interactive Story Books with Well Known Characters
  • Music Lessons and Interactive Tracks to Teach Rhythm
  • An Interactive Pet They Can Take Care of

Track Their Educational Progress Daily
It’s possible to track the progress of your child as they use the LeapPad LeapFrog Explorer.  As a parent this is very important and all you do is upload their progress data to your PC which lets you see graphs and identify and knowledge gaps – which then leads on to you looking to plug those gaps with additional content and learning cartridges – which are sold separately.

Improve Their Reading and Learning Ability
If reading is something you want your child to improve on then you won’t fail to be impressed by the interactive storybooks on the LeapPad Tablet.  Your child can interact with the story and words as they progress and touch and click any item in the book for more information.  There’s an in-built dictionary and reference centre – and this will explains the words to them (but in a simple to comprehend manner with clearly spoken narrative).

After just a couple of months of using the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer you should see improvements in your child’s reading and writing skills as well as their comprehension.

Alternative Kid’s Learning Tablets are Available
There are other kids learning tablets on the market such as the V-Tech Innotab Interactive Learning Tablet – but the LeapPad version has a cheaper price point and would appear to have more compelling content available.

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