The Lexus IS for under £15

Have you always wanted to own a Lexus IS, but been put off by the price? The Lexus brand remains one of the most sought after in the world, with the IS, released in 1998, providing a compact version of the luxury and sportier sedans issued by the Japanese car manufacturer. Most IS Lexuses come with a V6 engine, and have had options for hard top convertibles. Recent editions like the XE20 and IS 350 have combined high performance engines with smaller chassis, as well as many options for motorsport parts. The IS itself represents one of Lexus’s most successful motorsport cars, having enjoyed particular success in Super GT and Nurburgring events. However, if you can’t make the payments on an IS, the next best thing might be an authentic, radio controlled miniature car.

Small But Perfectly Formed

The miniature IS 350 represents a miniature version of the brand, which in reality comes with a 3.5 litre, direct fuel injected V6 engine, 306 horsepower, and 6,400 rpm. While the miniature version, produced by Rastar, can’t quite manage that, it works well as a 1:24 scale model that bears official Lexus branding. The car comes with a remote controller, and colour options of black, white, or silver. The specifications for the car, which is 7 inches long and weighs 2 pounds, and has its own independent suspension for better handling, are straightforward to get to grips with, with the radio controller having a 27 MhZ band.

The durability of the car means that it makes an ideal present for children, or indeed anyone who likes the idea of racing a mini Lexus around their house or office. The car runs off 5 AA batteries for the remote and the vehicle itself, and is tough enough to stand up to a few bumps while being driven around. Extra benefits for children include learning how different gears work, and more about particular brands of car. The lack of small parts, excluding the batteries, also makes the mini Lexus IS 350 a good gift.

Lexus Love

Alternatively, the remote controlled car represents a good option for anyone that loves the Lexus brand, but hasn’t been able to buy one in the past, as well as for remote controlled car collectors. It’s probably not the best idea, though, to give one as a gift if you own an actual Lexus, as they might not appreciate it in the same spirit. Collectors can also combine the Lexus IS 350 with other sports car models from Rastar, who generally produce the highest quality licensed models in the world.

Aside from the Lexus IS 350, which is the only version of the brand that Rastar make, collectors can choose from most major car brands, with scaling options ranging from 1: 14 to 1:66, and choices for rechargeable and non rechargeable batteries. Other luxury remote controlled cars currently available for a low price include Jaguar XKRs, Lamborghini Superleggaras, and Porsche GT3 RSes. All of these models can contribute to a collection that can allow you to settle arguments over the quality of different brands, albeit only in mini form.

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Chris is a closet Lexus fan, sadly a long way off owning one the beastly IS, however he’ll take any chance he can get with gifts like this or taking a cheeky look in the windows at Inchcape Lexus Nottingham.

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