The Many Dimensions Of Ogden, Utah

If you have ever been to Utah before then you know about the handful of ski resorts that lie thirty minutes from the time you step off the plane to the time you click into your skis.  Most tourists only see the distance between this handful of mountains and then are on a plane headed back home.  There really is so much more to Utah than the twenty miles between the airport and the major ski resorts.

Just north of Salt Lake City lies a city that has 82,000 people and is home to two of Utah’s largest ski resorts.  Although these resorts offer tons of terrain and have been blessed by the snow gods with the “greatest snow on earth”, most tourists still do not want to drive an extra twenty minutes away from the crowds.  They want to hit the slopes as soon as possible.

And while this may mean less business for the mountains, it also means more fresh powder for those in the know.  Powder Mountain and Snowbasin Resort offer two of the best kept secrets in Utah and they are located right in Ogden.  Snowbasin was actually the site for the 2002 Olympic Alpine Downhill race as well.  These two resorts are definitely nothing to snuff at.

More than Just World Class Skiing

Being out of the way of all the traffic and other tourists who just want to get their ski fix, Ogden offers many attractions off of the beaten path.  There are so many rivers and streams here that have fresh mountain water running through them in the summer time which creates some of the best trout fishing in the country.  Drop a line in and the fish that come out of the water are absolutely beautiful.

Being in Utah there are mountains all around you.  Doesn’t it make you curious what it looks like just over the top of that hill?  Many other people have thought the same exact thing and that is why Ogden has so many miles of hiking trails.  In the summer time you can find one as easily as driving along a main road and seeing a cluster of cars by a dirt path.  The trails are impeccably maintained as well as to ensure the best experience possible.

One sport that is all about how beautiful the venue is, is golfing.  Imagine golfing through mountains and valleys that are some of the greenest you will ever see.  The vegetation is fed by snowmelt that slowly trickles down the sides of the mountains and down into the valleys as the temperatures slowly heat up into the spring time.

Then as the seasons change and the temperature drops again during the fall months, the entire sides of mountains are covered in spectacular color.  Between the leaves changing, the mountain tops and the rivers that flow through the valleys, Ogden, Utah creates one of the most picturesque places the United States of America has to offer every autumn.

Mountain biking is a favorite activity for the Ogden locals as well.  Single track and double track trails litter the mountains.  A morning bike rise as the sun rises over the mountain peaks is not a bad way to start your day.

Shhhh! Keep the Secret

Ogden, Utah offers so much to do that you cannot just stay for one day.  Take a stroll down historic 25th street that runs right through the center of town to finish off your trip and maybe take some collectibles home on the way.  Once you leave, you may just have to tell your friends about it.  Don’t tell them too much though or else the secret that is Ogden, Utah might get out.

By Brian Connor

Brian Connor has written for many travel and leisure blogs.  He wants to make people aware of the many places they have yet to visit.  Another great shop to visit on historic 25th street is pest control Ogden, Utah.  They offer some of the best shopping in the city.

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