The Most Common Dating Mistakes To Avoid

It is not so much that you know how to act on a first date, it is to know how not to act that counts the most. As the old saying goes – you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This was never truer than when the date was arranged through an on-line dating website.

Be Honest About Yourself 
With internet dating, the first impression you give is linked to the description you gave of yourself and the photo you used. I remember the first girl I met on a dating website. Her description was for a slim, blonde, 40 year old, non-smoking accountancy professional. The person who turned up was the exact opposite of the above being a large, brunette, 60+ smoker who worked as a secretary at an accountancy firm. Heaven knows when the photo was taken but it was certainly not in living memory.

Now do not get me wrong; the lady was great fun and we shared a laugh but there was never a hope of us getting it on for a second date. The advice therefore is to be honest about yourself and in that way you are not under pressure and the person you meet is expecting you as you are and not a figment of imagination.

Avoid The Cinema!
The next mistake concerns the place you decide to go on a first date .This applies more to men than women as the etiquette of dating usually puts the male in the lead initially. So where is the very worst place for a first date? In my opinion it’s taking a girl out to a movie and a meal. It is not only an expensive affair for someone a chap might not get along with but it is also awkward and not conducive to getting to know each other. There is absolutely no human interaction during a movie and this with a meal thrown in shouts “look at me, I have no imagination”

By far a better bet for a first date is a short meeting at a coffee place where both people have an opportunity to get to know one another in a no risk environment without any pressure on either party. Follow this up with a first date based around a picnic and a stroll at the seaside, park or inner city space is ideal. Alternately, you may have discovered that the other person enjoys art or horse racing in which case build your day around that instead. The short meet at the coffee shack has stood you in good stead and your first proper date has more chance of being a success.

Three More Really Bad Places to Take a Date
Other places that suck for a first date assuming that the man chooses are –

  1.  A Sports Bar. It’s fantastic that you love sports or a team but you swearing at the television and threatening to castrate a referee is not perhaps the impression to make.
  2. Parents House. Yippee! Here is a chance to be bombarded with questions, scrutinized and introduced as their son’s new brood mare all in one go.
  3. You’re Place. This says “Let’s skip the introductions and side-line the romance”, I will cook you the only thing I know how and you can show how grateful you are in return”.

Whatever you do and wherever you are remember to be risk adverse when on first and second dates. The world is full of nice people but there are the odd few baddies out there too so take your time and keep safe.

Lyndon is a blogger on several subjects including life, dating, love and relationships. Currently writing for 40-dating an 40 plus dating website in the UK

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